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    Its very simple to get MED2 3d models in 3ds max (they are full models , have to delete weapon, bones etc, then rig to shogun skeleton)

    Anyone else on here still have any input on how this turns out in game?

    lets say these higher end MED2 models, do they stand out and look like crap next to the shogun ones? or is it noticeable at all?
    Do you prefer separating the assets into pieces and using them sparingly, or have a 3d modeler touch them up a bit?

    Just looking for some thoughts on this before i approach it, a few recommendations never hurt.

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    it appears as though the models detail should look fine next to other units on the battlefield, the model blown up in 3ds max doesnt look much different from my other custom ones.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    it does however look like i need to decide if i want to find a way to rig all these pieces together into 1 mesh and do 1 model at a time with no variations, OR keep it separate and try to add pieces individually to the game such as Shoulder armor, torso, helmet etc.

    Both could be equally messy, the biggest issue i have right now looking at this is the arms arent raised enough to reach a proper T pose. Ill have to raise those ( and separate from the link to the legs)
    Its been awhile since ive done anything like this and i forget my method to rigging and how i did it the first time years ago

    oh well, ill figure it out

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    separating doesnt look that bad

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