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  • Averland

    2 28.57%
  • Hochland

    1 14.29%
  • Marienburg

    1 14.29%
  • Middenland

    2 28.57%
  • Nordland

    1 14.29%
  • Ostermark

    1 14.29%
  • Ostland

    1 14.29%
  • Reikland

    6 85.71%
  • Stirland

    2 28.57%
  • Talabecland

    2 28.57%
  • Wissenland

    2 28.57%
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    Are you a Warhammer Fantasy lore fan? Well, this mod is just for you!

    Lore Friendly Regional Recruitment Mod, allow you to enhance game experience with a new Area of Recruitment (AOR) system and spectacular and faithful reskins!

    Read more and you will discover what a Warhammer Fantasy fan can do!

    Welcome to LORE FRIENDLY REGIONAL RECRUITMENT MOD (LFRRM). Below you can read the main features introduced by this mod:

    • REGIONAL RECRUITMENT SYSTEM (Bretonnia, Dwarves, Empire and Greenskins)
    • UNITS RESKIN (proper shields decals, uniforms colours and models)
    • NEW UNITS (as Empire Archers, Knights Panther, Nighgoblins Spears, Orcs Boyz Spears, Big Uns with shields etc...)
    • NEW ROR UNITS (available downloading optional PART 3)
    • AI WILL USE PROPERLY RRS UNITS (better AI army composition)

    - Units Stats (these will be the same of vanilla game)

    - Mods that edit STARTPOS
    - Mods that change UNITS STATS or add NEW UNITS
    - Mods that change BUILDINGS STATS or add NEW BUILDINGS
    - Overhaul mods like (Steelfaith, Radious etc...)
    - If you are looking for a mod that changes units stats this mod is not for you.
    - Using non-compatible mod (mentioned above) could cause game crashes and/or could break gaming experience, wasting the main purposes of my job (use at your own risk, you were advised)
    - If you are looking for a list of compatible mods look at
    Gigiauz's Best Experience Mods List, here you can find all the best mods that enhance game experience with my main mod enabled.

    1) Lore retexturing visual enhancement
    Here you can see the retexturing project status (including regional recruitment units and vanilla ones), the main goal is not to change drastically the look of vanilla units but to improve shields (with lore friendly and distinctive heraldry patterns).

    Crossed voices are achieved

    Regional recruitment units and vanilla units reskins (including faction and subfactions):

    • BRETONNIA reskin
    • DWARFS RESKIN -- Almost reached few readjustment and the job is done
    • EMPIRE reskin
    • GREENSKINS reskin - Work in Progress (WIP)

    Vanilla units reskins (including faction and subfactions):

    • BEASTMEN reskin
    • TEB reskin - (Tilea, Estalia, Border Princes)not playable (AI visula only)
    • KISLEV reskin - same as TEB reskin, not playable and AI visual only

    2) Gameplay enhancement
    When regional recruited troops retexturing will be finished (soon), I will start to work on 2 projects:

    1. Improving AI army composition and AI buildings construction system (Improving the actual system)

    2. Making a trial submod that enhance regional buildings campaign effects

    These two points are important objectives that could give more emphasis to the gameplay and game experience finally.

    If you have suggestion about improving game experience, please share your opinion.

    To learn more about Regional recruitment System read the following descriptions.

    Lore Friendly Regional recruitment Mod is the first working mod that allow the player (and AI too) to recruit loreful looking provincial units from each province (this new feature is called: Regional Recruitment System alias RRS).
    The faction that benefit of RRS are:

    • Bretonnia
    • Dwarfs
    • Empire
    • Greenskins

    The new regional recruited troops are recruitable from specific regional structures (the same structure types needed for vanilla units but renamed, in some case, to fit well with the region background and with new cool building progression icons).
    The regional recruited units for all races (except for Greenskins faction/s, where they are and addition to recruitment roster) overwrite totally vanilla units and their look respect the Warhammer lore as faithfully as possible (lore friendly shields pattern, lore friendly re-colour a lore friendly units models).
    This aesthetic purposes do not involve regional recruited units only but vanilla units too, in fact in every cases where AI will recruit vanilla units (where possible) their look will be always lore friendly (in according to every specific faction and subfaction lore heraldry).
    Talking about other campaign buildings structures, I’ve added also some new specific primary settlement structures for some settlement as some special buildings upgrade for some buildings chains (always with specific building progression icon and with some special campaign effects).
    About gameplay, mechanics will be the same of vanilla, so don’t worry, I didn’t change anything drastically, just added units … a lot of new provincial units and buildings that will replace the vanilla ones.

    Regional recruitment system is structured as below:

    In main campaign now you can recruit dukedoms pattern units. Since main campaign bretonnian provinces are only 7 and little dukedoms are not represented, I decided to make recruitable 2 different dukedoms kind units (all units except heavy cavalry units) for each provinces:

    • Couronne/ L'Anguille
    • Lyonesse/ Mousillon
    • Artois/ Gisoreux
    • Bastonne/ Montfort
    • Bordeleaux/ Aquitaine
    • Parravon/ Quenelles
    • Carcassonne/ Brionne

    NOTE: I have reworked a little some bretonnian units model appearence, now they looks more different and the final result is awesome!!!

    All vanilla units are replaced with regional hold units (melee infantry, ranged infantry and artillery), the hold colours are also reworked following lore documentations:

    • Barak Varr: (Blood River Valley)
    • Karak Azul: (Desolation of Nagash)
    • Karak Hirn: (Black Mountains)
    • Karak Izor: (The Vaults)
    • Karak Norn: (Southern Grey Mountains)
    • Karak Ziflin: (Northern Grey Mountains)
    • Karak Kadrin: (Peak Pass)
    • Zhufbar: (Zhufbar)
    • Kraka Drak: (Gianthome Mountains)
    • Karak Eight: Peaks (Eastern Badlands)
    • Main Dwarf Faction (Karaz a Karak)

    Each regions will provide provincial coloured theme units (melee infantry, ranged infantry, cavalry and artillery):

    • Averland
    • Hochland
    • Marienburg
    • Middenland + Middenheim City State Troops
    • Nordland
    • Ostermark
    • Ostland
    • Reikland (reworked vanilla colours) + Altdorf City State Troops
    • Stirland
    • Talabecland + Talabheim City State Troops
    • Wissenland

    Added to vanilla recruitment also an additional "regional" (tribal) recruitment troops:

    • Bloody Spearz: night goblins units only (Rib Peaks)
    • Crooked Moon: night goblins units only (Eastern Badlands)
    • Red Eye: night goblins units only (Northern World Edge Mountains)
    • Black Venom: forest goblins units only (Black Mountains)
    • Broken Nose: goblins units only (The Vaults)Scabby Eye: goblins units only (Blood River Valley)
    • Teef Snatchaz: goblins units only (Western Badlands)
    • Bloody Handz Orcs: orcs units only (Western Badlands)
    • Necksnappers: orcs units only (Southern Grey Mountains)
    • Skullmasherz: orcs units only (Northern Grey Mountains)
    • Red Fangs: orcs units only (Eastern Badlands)

    * Night goblins units only: means all night goblin units (spear, sword, archers, fanatics and squig hoppers)
    * Forest goblins units only: (Black Venom) means spideriders and goblin infantry units (melee and ranged) + Aracknarock
    * Goblins units only: means you can recruit all common goblins units only (melee infantry, archers, wolfriders and chariots)
    * Orcs units only: all orcs units (all orcs infantry, cavalry and chariot units). RRS Black Orcs are only available for Necksnappers

    If you want to download it or you want to know more about this mod watching units/buildings preview pics, follow the link below.

    - Main Mod (2 parts): Part 1; Part 2

    - Regiments of Renown Submod


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