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Thread: Paradox free game or dlc if you purchased in non $USD since May 17th. Deadline 9th August

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    Default Paradox free game or dlc if you purchased in non $USD since May 17th. Deadline 9th August

    Quoted from their website

    "Hello people,

    Here’s the latest on the price roll-back. Sorry for the wait, as you might imagine this is a somewhat complicated process so thank you for your patience whilst we sorted this out:

    Prices on all Paradox products, in all currencies except USD (since USD prices were not changed), have reverted back to their pre-increase levels as of today. Additionally, now the price rollback has been completed prices will be frozen for a period of three months.

    After exploring options with our sales partners, we’ve come to the conclusion that partial refunds (as in, refunding the price difference) aren’t practically possible. Instead, we will gift everyone who purchased any Paradox product between May 17 and today (including pre-orders of Steel Division: Normandy 44 made before May 17), in any currency except USD (where prices were not changed), a free copy of a full PC game or two DLC, as a gesture of goodwill.

    The games on offer will be:

    • Stellaris
    • Hearts of Iron IV
    • Crusader Kings 2
    • Europa Universalis IV
    • Magicka 2
    • Tyranny

    OR, if you prefer, TWO from the list of the following DLC:

    • HoI IV: Death or Dishonor
    • EU IV: Third Rome
    • CK II: Monks and Mystics
    • Stellaris: Utopia
    • Tyranny: Tales from the Tiers

    Should you happen to already own all of the above then the system will credit you equivalent giftable keys.

    In order to claim your game/DLC’s you need to fill in the form at the following location:

    IMPORTANT: We are accepting requests up to 23:59 CEST on the 9th August. You must submit your completed form by this date. Additionally, please note that you will not receive the content immediately, it will take some time for us to process all of the requests. The current deadline we are working towards is the 30th September 2017, check your email for further updates/next steps leading up to that date.

    To be considered a “complete form” you need to include:

    1. Your order ID
    2. The currency used for the purchase
    3. Details of the platform you redeemed your product on
    4. A copy of your receipt
    5. Your email
    6. The requested product/s you’d like to receive

    Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity to once again say we’re sorry about our handling of this issue. We value our community and the passion you have for our products, and we know we’re lucky to have you. Of course, it should go without saying that as a result of this experience we will be looking at our internal processes to ensure that we can improve for the future."

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    Default Re: Paradox free game or dlc if you purchased in non $USD since May 17th. Deadline 9th August

    Interesting. As Stellaris is still on my list. For the future, forseen a possible 75 % off Sale ... no, not 50 % like in the last Summer Sale.

    Well, anyway, requires a purchase since May 17th 2017, not 17 May 2016

    ... so i'm out.
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    Default Re: Paradox free game or dlc if you purchased in non $USD since May 17th. Deadline 9th August

    Option 1 My motherboard can take a Core 2 Quad so I could try Stellaris at a respectable snails pace on low settings....

    Option 2 otherwise it's 3rd Rome (well atleast it will be free and I do play in that area quite often) and the hilariously unfunny Monks and Mystics. Paradox can't I have HorseLords instead?

    Option 3 cpu/motherboard bundle here I come... Stellaris or Tyranny
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