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Thread: If you liked FotS, more is on the way...

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    Icon6 If you liked FotS, more is on the way...

    Creative Assembly has announced a new series, Total War Saga, which will be based on compressed-in-time military conflicts like the Boshin War, as portrayed in Fall of the Samurai.

    According to Jack Lusted, game director for the first Total War Saga release:

    If you liked Fall of the Samurai, and the kind of gameplay we delivered with it, then you’re going to enjoy what we’ve got planned for our first Saga title
    FotS is probably my favorite TW campaign to date, so I'm really looking forward to this iteration of Total War. The compressed approach should permit more historical realism in military campaigning, with turns measured in weeks if not months. Hopefully big maps showing smaller geographic areas should allow CA to bring more logistics effects into the mix as well.

    Civil wars, great conquests, rebellions and uprisings, religious movements. As with Total War traditionally, there’s an almost endless list of possibilities of time periods and settings for future Total War Saga games.
    We’ll announce it properly in the next few months, but I can say that it’s another spiritual follow-up to Total War: ROME II, like Total War: ATTILA, and moves the time period forward in much the same way. It’s great being able to build on and optimise the tech and the content from those games, like the work we did on ATTILA with Age of Charlemagne. Especially for a moment in history we’ve not spent enough time with yet as a studio.
    This well may be the anti-Warhammer game I've been pining for since AoC. Color me enthusiastic!
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    Default Re: If you liked FotS, more is on the way...

    Yeah, these sagas could turn out to be something good. We'll see, I suppose.

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    Default Re: If you liked FotS, more is on the way...

    Seeing as there is another thread on this topic here I will close this one.

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