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Thread: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    Total War: Rise of Mordor - Important ThreadsSubmods, Trello & Other Resources | Public Release, Feedback, Discord & the Future of the Mod | The Art of Rise of Mordor
    Factions & Units | The Team | Recruitment | FAQ

    On the 25th March, two brave Hobbits who were very, very far from home ventured into Mount Doom and destroyed the Ring, ending Sauron's reign of terror.
    In celebration of this, we have decided to release an alpha version of Rise of Mordor for Total War: Attila!

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    Upcoming fixes for the Attila mod launcher and new information about updates for other Total War mod launchers

    Here is the new information confirmed by Creative Assembly about the upcoming fixes for the Attila mod launcher and also the confirmation about future updates for other Total War mod launchers.

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    Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Attila (UPC-ATT)

    This update of the community language translation project UPC-ATT contains updates and fixes of included mods and a new included mod.

    Enjoy UPC-ATT
    Swiss Halberdier

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    Invasio Barbarorvm III


    Invasio Barbarorvm III is the successor to the classic INVASIO BARBARORVM and INVASIO BARBARORVM II mods for Rome and Medieval II Total War. Set in the waning years of the western Roman empire, this mod intends to bring an "as historically accurate as possible" presentation of the late Roman and early Byzantine periods using the Attila engine. The mod will expand to encompass all of the main campaigns, beginning with the FERRVM ATTILA campaign starting in 443 AD. INVASIO BARBARORVM III will feature a significant gameplay overhaul and a completely new set of historically accurate unit models.
    The AI Workshop Creator
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    The Northern Crusades Lead Developer
    Classical Age Total War Retired Lead Developer
    Rome: Total Realism Animation Developer
    RTW Workshop Assistance MTW2 AI Tutorial & Assistance
    Broken Crescent Submod (M2TW)/IB VGR Submod (BI)/Animation (RTW/BI/ALX)/TATW PCP Submod (M2TW)/TATW DaC Submod (M2TW)/DeI Submod (TWR2)/SS6.4 Northern European UI Mod (M2TW)

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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila)

    Hi all, just a quick note to say that I am actively managing these announcement threads again. I have gone through and deleted some old announcements for various reasons, mostly because images were broken, etc. If your post was removed, a) sorry, and b) feel free to simply make a new announcement to replace it! They will be copied to the relevant places like they used to be (and FYI this post and others will be deleted in a while as well - if you have any questions, feel free to reply here!).
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    Default Re: Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Attila WIPs)

    Beginning Of An End Is Recruiting Modders

    Our team is working on a grand project for remaking the unending hostility between the Byzantine and Sassanid empires

    Alongside the rise of an Islamic state in Arabian peninsula around 622 CE.
    We are recruting modders
    If you are an AI Editer and lua/db scripter , 3d Modeller and a 2d Artist and expert campain startpos editor

    Just contact me on discord
    T Sorush T#4888 or send a message to the bottom link

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