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Thread: Projectiles of catapults are invisible in battle

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    Default Projectiles of catapults are invisible in battle

    Hello I have a graphical Problem, the projectiles of catapults are invisible in battle. This applies to normal ammo aswell as falming shots.
    I have win 10 (laptop came with it, no upgrade) and steam version. I have a Nvidia GT 840m graphic card and all drivers are up to date. I try to reinstall the game and search for broken files with steam

    Any solution for this Problem?

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    Default Re: Projectiles of catapults are invisible in battle

    I've found out that it is an issue connected with Direct X.

    There's a solution in #2 of the second post here: (WINED3D for Windows)

    This makes projectiles and fire visible again, but I have not found out how to use it and have the game in full screen. If anyone knows, let me know!

    You can just rename the d3d8.dll file (so that the game ignores it) in the Rome root directory to restore projectiles, but this is reported to increase lag.
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