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Thread: Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

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    Icon5 Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

    I apologize in advance for my "tone" in this thread but i am severely pissed off and annoyed >.<

    Whenever i play TWW as an aggressive raider that razes human/dwarf cities across the map i get at least 5 diplomacy requests for Peace Treaty ON EVERY TURN!!!

    The same factions are constantly bombarding me with requests for Peace Treaty and i can not accept-then-break them because i don't want to incur diplomatic penalties like untrustworthy since i actually have diplomatic allies i need.

    It is completely insane that this part of the game is kept in such a state - why are the AI factions even allowed to constantly ask for Peace Treaty for the past 70 turns?!
    Every brettonian state, every human empire and most of the dwarven nations are just spamming me with peace treaty requests.

    And in every turn for every request i have to click (no keyboard hotkey?!) on "start dialogue button" then on decline then on the check box.
    Why the do we have to click those pointless buttons before and after the actual diplomacy accept/decline?!
    They serve no purpose, they repeat the same dialogues and are incredibly annoying.

    Currently i am spending more time declining the constant peace requests than i am actually playing the game!
    I am really hoping there is a mod or a setting that can prevent the AI from spamming peace treaty requests or at least reduce them to once every 10 turns.

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    Default Re: Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

    I tried browsing the workshop for ever related word i could think of but i could not find such a mod...

    Is there really no mod or settings tweak that can help with this AI diplomacy spam issue?

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    Default Re: Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

    Bump, still hoping someone knows of a mod or a file tweak to fix or lessen this problem...

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    Default Re: Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

    No such thing man, thats the price you pay for stomping the enemy into the ground.
    Forward, march!

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    Default Re: Any mod or setting that can stop the AI diplomacy spam?!

    Thanks to Gray Riders from Steam Workshop i was able to create the following "solution" as a mod:
    Using the Pack File Manager i opened data.pack in TWW/data folder and then browsed to "db" and then inside it to "cai_personality_deal_evaluation_deal_component_values_tables".

    That table defines how important each specific treaty is to an AI depending on "AI personality" and "relations to another faction".
    So using Pack File Editor i made a new mod and imported the "cai_personality_deal_evaluation_deal_component_values_tables".

    Now in my mod for EVERY "deal_component" called "NON_AGGRESSION_PACT" and "PEACE" i changed the "bitter_enemies_value" and the "unfriendly_value" and the "very_unfriendly_value" to "-999" (negative 999).
    I deleted every other deal_component that was not related to non-aggression-pact and peace so my mod would not interfere with anything else.
    In total there were 12 "peace" deal_components and 26 "non_aggression_pact" components - each one for a different AI personality and each has to be changed.

    The end result was that no AI faction will ever request peace (non aggression pact) from a faction that it has a lower than Neutral standing (negative relationship).
    The downside is that the AI will not accept an offered peace request with a faction that it has a negative relationship with.

    So if an AI faction hates you (or any other AI faction) they will not accept a peace treaty even if you are much stronger than them.

    For me this is not a problem since i do like the "fight to the death" attitude that the AI factions have got now, instead of spamming peace requests like wimps every turn.
    If you wish to lessen this effect then make the penalty (-999) for "unfriendly" lower or even leave it at default, so that slightly negative relations will not prevent a peace treaty.

    Since any newly made mod is not automatically placed on steam workshop the mod manager in the launcher for TWW will mark it as "outdated" which means you must enable the "enable outdated mods" checkbox in the launcher's mod manager.

    I never made a mod before but just by following some basic guides on mod making for TW i put together this simple mod in 15 minutes.
    If you find this mini-guide to making a "No Peace with Enemies" mod fun then please kill a few orcs for me

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