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Thread: Rage of the dark Gods 1.6

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm really enjoying the mod "Rage of the dark Gods", it is fantastic.
    However, there is still a little detail I'm concerned about : the population growth .
    I know that it was removed in 1.6, but I would really like to reenable it.

    Because there is still the symbol for no growth at the cities and there are no buildings within my reikland campaign that give a population growth bonus, I suppose the growth mechanism isn't completely removed,and the matter exists within the buildings.
    While I tried to fix this on my own, I found the script "export_descr_buildings" and there was a part about farms.
    The script said that there is a population growth bonus for some of the factions, do I only need to add the other factions into the bracket of this line :

    ";population_growth_bonus bonus 1 requires factions { england, russia, southern_european, normans, timurids, }"

    and all the following brackets with these factions or do I need to edit other scripts too?

    I would be glad if anyone could help me with this matter, many thanks.

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    Default Re: Rage of the dark Gods 1.6

    My problem is solved, I do not require help anymore.

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