Mod Name: Orange Crush

Mod Platform: ETW
Release Status: 28 January 2015 (v0.2 Beta)
Mod creator: PikeStance
Mod Description: This mod changes the way Maratha behavior based on historical facts. The Vanilla game did little to differentiate one faction from another. As a result, Maratha would behave like a European colonial faction. Its focus will now be the recapturing India from the Mughal Empire. My purpose was not to prevent the possibility of the Maratha from capturing most of "India," but to inhibit its growth to allow European powers to arrive. Also, it prevents Maratha from "exploring" outside of "India" and prevents Maratha from sending predatory armies outside their historical interest.
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►Download link:!Kp4SSTjY!zXyRG3lem...kn45XotqruHbBE
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