Mod Name: Tactical Commander

Mod Platform: ETW
Release Status: 2.0 released 31 March 2015
Mod creator: PikeStance
Mod Description: Tactical Commmander is a battle mechanic overhaul submod for Imperial Splendour. It is design to improve the realism of 18th century battles. The mod converts "fatigue" to cohesion and overhauls morale and weapons to be more accurateportrayal of warfare in this time period.
Other info on mod: Mod can be used for both Rise of the Republic and Version 2.2.1b of Imperial Splendour. Starting with 3.0, the mod will be included in Rise of the republic version 1.1 and later.
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Download link:!W9QgXazK!EW4A3742U...yaj5znRXnA3764
Permissions: Accreditation