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Thread: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Hi guys,

    I'm coming back to M2TW after some time because I took interest in the DaC mod, though I can't get it to work. I've downloaded V3 from moddb and installing it goes down easily. Though when it comes to starting, it continuously does not work. When I install it and run it through either the shortcut or the bat-file, TW starts but just the regular version, not DaC. When I proceed to change the Third_Age_3 folders name into any of the other Kingdom campaigns, DaC launches but promptly crashes before the first screen has even passed. I get the message that TW will automatically close due to an "unspecified error". I am using Steam to run the game. How do I fix this issue?

    My thanks in advance!

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    Disregard this message, I have already resolved the problem.

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    I'm using DAC V3 and either during the turns or after battles occasionally it crashes to desktop with the "Medieval 2: Total War has encountered an unspecified error" message. I did some research but to no avail as most of those are years old and wondering if I could get some help. Replaying battles is slightly annoying. Thanks in advance for anything.

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    THERE are a number of chnaces where this game if is not persistent, like every turn there is nothing u can do except be annoyed and have your pc in optimum performance.

    I AM HERE 2 report a never encountered b4 CAMPAIGN ENDING BUG, largely due to my not having backup saves but...irregardless, playing as Dorwinian now after tweaking the difficulty to play on normal so there's half a chance 2 survive..

    My HUD disappeared on the campaign map, and foolishly I ocd saved it thinking it would reappear...I can now no longer select city's or army's and therefore can't move, also the end turn thing is missing.. Game over, any known fixes would be appreciated.

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    Damn. Persistent crash as Imladris at turn 115 when Vale of Anduin attacks (presumably it takes) Dol Guldur.

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    HUD disappeared - must script based (Userpro's 'Hide UI'), simply press scroll lock again.

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    it´s likely that someone have already written about it but many ladders are too tall for the walls, and climbing down from those ladders causes people to die randomly.

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    The most ridiculous AI behaviour occurs during sieges. I managed to time out a siege against Cirith Ungol 3 times because the battering ram AI went herpa derpa. I rushed out of the fort with cavalry so the enemy couldn't break the gate so they dropped their ram and instead of rushing through the open gate they started slowly walking towards my cavalry which then darted back into the fort and closed the gate. The enemy picked the ram up and started walking around in circles contiously saying "come on! it's go time!" until the time ran out.

    Another time was when the enemy did actually manage to enter the fort and the magic capturing ring. However, after that their units couldn't decide what to do - to capture the town or attack my nearby cavalry. So they picked the best of both worlds and continued to run in circles in and out of the capturing ring causing to lose control of it over and over again and refraining from attacking my units at the same time.

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    yeah I have cheesed the AI in sieges many times. using cavalry in sieges is one of my favorites, especially back in rome when you could just enter the plaza and reset the timer and therefore outtime any enemy as long as you wiped out their cavalry. using small cavalry forces to charge siege equipment helped me a lot with the ND back in 1.2.

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    Hi everybody.
    So after one long campaign (excluding previous versions of the mod and vanilla experience, where i also didn't have any errors) without any errors and ~80-90 turns of Dol Amroth campaign game started to crash randomly without any visible reason. Crash message is always the same - you can see it on the screenshots (which is default for M:TW2 i assume). But what's most interesting - it started to crash every single time while looking at one EXACT place on the global map. This pattern of killer-spot started much later in the campaign if it makes any difference. Screens show exact spot. Doesn't matter how i pan over to it - instant crash is pretty much guaranteed. Any ideas how i can fix it? Or should i simply abandon the campaign?
    No crash:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    After long time I reinstalled MT2W Kindoms with Steam, installed DAC V3 and started the game with Dale and after 90 or 100 turns I got a crash. After reloading the autosave the game crashed again.
    Than I started a game with Harrad and the same happend in the 90-100 turns. Game crashed. There is some bug which happend after 90 - 100 turns. The last event in the Harrad game was that the Grey Heavens of London where sacked and the Heaven Lord was killed. A round later the crash...
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    You guys made me install M2TW and Third age again after a long time!
    But Im having a problem:

    In campaign, every siege battle against a non-rebel faction, for example "free peoples of eriador"/"Dunedáin" (Im playing as Angmar), causes ctd on loading screen.
    The same siege battle occuring in the same city/castle while under rebel control causes no crashes at all.

    Thanks for your attention!
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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Got crash on two battles with Moria as Dunedain. First crash solved for some reason, second is consistent- cannot continue the game.

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    Third Age / Divide and Conquer Can't find kingdoms.exe (despite having kingdoms.exe)
    I have tried three times now. DaC will work the first time then if I exit and start it up again it starts up, showing the loading screen with the LoTR movies, just the image divided in three with the ring loading cursor, but then it goes right back to my desktop.

    The black, command prompt, screen thing tells me it can't find kingdoms.exe and I installed the mod in the wrong folder. However, I followed Arachîr Galudirithon's videos for both TATW and DaC.

    My kingdoms.exe and medieval2.exe are in:
    Acer (C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Medieval II Total War

    And my TATW and DaC are in:
    Acer (C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Medieval II Total War/mods/Third_Age_3

    TATW works on its own but it's when I add on DaC that this happens.
    Third Age Reforged also worked but now does the same thing when I try to start it up.

    I've been trying to resolve this over the past 24 hours but I don't understand what the issue is..

    I have changed the export_descr_buildings file in order to reduce the time it takes for units to become available but I don't see how that would prevent the game from initially launching.

    Please help, I really wanna play!

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    UPDATE: The issue is resolved! For any who have the same issue, it was because I edited the export_descr_buildings file. It turns out that's what was causing it to not launch... idk why? Maybe my computer thought it was corrupt from me changing it? Idk but it works now!

    I just reinstalled without changing the export_descr_buildings

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    Hornburg battle map is buggy, i was besiegeing the citadel coming down from Edoras, and an Isengard army attacked coming from Foldburg. When i entered the battle map i saw that the army inside Hornburg (It was also Saruman and i was anticipating an epic battle) was placed at an inaccecible area and when the fight began they couldnt get into the field. What ended happening is i fought only with the army that came from Foldburg resulting in an easy victory and Saruman dieing without even a battle . Very anti-climacting.

    Also in the same campaign, around turn 100-105 Dol Amroth decided that our alliance suddenly meant and attacked me, i was playing as Gondor and been helpful towards them since turn 1. Linhir was under my ownership since they lost it and i reclaimed it, and they happened to attack that settlement too if thats of any help.

    Keep up the good work, exited for v4

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Well, looking at the vanilla version of the files, russia has ownership in the EDU (Anduin Light Axemen), russia has the "#Anduin_Woodsmen.tga" in the ui/units/russia folder, and russia has the same lines for the "Woodmen_Warriors" as the timurids (Anduin) in the "modelsdb" file.
    Have you modified the files in your install?
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    I haven't modified the files. These are woodmen warriors who fight for the Ar Adunaim. In this same game I fought plenty of these guys when they served the Beornings. However, when making them as the auxilliary units they turned into ghostly warriors.

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    Presuming I am reading it correctly, everything connects, so it should not show up as a silver surfer. You might want to check your EDU, ui/units/russia folder and battle_models.modeldb file and see if those files have the unit properly slated for russia (Ar Adunaim).

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