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Thread: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by Gigantus View Post
    Interesting find - which DX version's file have you copied into the medieval 2 directory? From 'Prevulkan', latest version?
    DX 9, using the VULKAN version and my card is Nvidia GTX 1060. It feels faster and I no longer have graphics error right after battle. But I still have to use 1920x1080 max not 2560x1440 or get a lot more campaign CTD.

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Thanks, I'll put that into my 'assorted fixes' collection for the record it's this file: WineD3DForWindows_4.21-staging

    And this instruction from the ReadMe apples: copy d3d9.dll and wined3d.dll in the game's executable directory

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Well met everyone, I have an issue with the game. When I boot up a campaign the custom builing portraits are shown as old medieval 2 buildings I think, the pictures are not correct, does anyone know how to fix this?

    Thanks eh

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    Greetings! My game as Gondor crash when Gandalf's army join another army up in Bree land. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: DaC - Bugs, Crashes and FAQ

    Quote Originally Posted by raistlinmajere8 View Post
    This most recent update really seems to be way less functional than previous ones.

    I've had three campaigns now, Mordor, Gondor and Dunedain all get ruined somewhere midgame in the turn range of 70-80.

    Repeatable CTD's during the AI turn on each one. Such a shame. It did not used to be like this.
    And now my Dale campaign is ruined by turn 33 because of this same issue.

    Seriously, you guys need to look at this mod more closely. Something is very, very wrong. I've played DaC for hundreds of hours, and its never been like this before. Thats now four campaigns ruined be repeated CTD's during the AI turn

    Any help? Any suggestions? Anything at all? Anybody?

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