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    Default Divide and Conquer

    Mod Name: Divide and Conquer

    Mod Platform: M2TW-K
    Release Status: Non-beta: V1.2 (January 2017)
    Mod foldered: sub mod for Third Age Total War
    Mod creator\team leaders: Arachir Galudirithon
    Mod team members: Hummingbird, TheEliteDwarf, racer999
    Mod Description: Divide and Conquer is an overhaul of the original Third Age Total War that adds more factions, more units and more unique events. Every single aspect of the original mod is edited in one way or another and DaC gives you the opportunity to play as many of the 'lesser' nations of Middle-earth and asks the question what if: What if the Breelanders rose up and fought; what if Saruman kept the ring for himself; what if the Black Númenóreans had helped the Corsairs of Umbar?
    Other info on mod:
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    Download link(s): --
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