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Thread: Adding prussian leg part to polish infantry?

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    Icon5 Adding prussian leg part to polish infantry?

    Hi, I've been wanting to change the leg parts of the polish line infantry to the prussian one and i was hoping to follow step by step since i have limited knowledge of PFM and the fact that the tutorials were so old that i don't think it applies to the latest version of PFM anymore. So, if someone could make a step by step tutorial or just make a post here showing me how its done in order then i would be very grateful and i know that this request is simple but to me is very painful and time consuming, thanks.

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    There is a tutorial about it in the Tutorials section, third entry. Also, PFM versions do not overwrite one another, you can use the version provided in the tutorial and a new one with no problems.
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    thank you! its just that the tutorials back then have those functions to which i was confused at first but then realized they were changed around, but anyway thank you for your help.

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    So after looking through the tutorial and trying to do it the same way steph did, i just have errors on the start. first off when steph says "Since we want to create a new uniform based mostly on that, we extract the soldier, officer, musician and flag bearer. To start with, we suppose we will try to use the same Austria texture.
    So we can just rename the export unit_variant to austria_MyNewUnit.soldier.unit_variant. And then we import it into our mod."

    when i was looking at this a blast of confusion just hit my brain, i mean do i make a new mod.pack first before i edit stuff or try to rename inside the variantmodels.pack, units and just rename the poland_inf_line_line_infantry.soldier.unit_variant(i'm doing the same way that steph did but different unit)?

    i was confused for hours trying to solve this, let me remind you that i like to follow my tutorials step by step since those options work very well for me and i appreciate it greatly if someone could apply this in step by step form since it is the easiest way for me to understand. i am very sorry if i come off as a bit rude, its just that that tutorial left me frustrated again for hours and i tried every option i could use but to no avail. So, i hope you understand about my "concern" as i felt ambitious about the topic and then felt down because of my understanding with PFM and pretty much everything related to it. so please, i am not forcing you to make it or anybody else, but for once i would like to see a single change in my game same as others before me. thank you for having the time to read this.

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    Default Re: Adding prussian leg part to polish infantry?

    NEVER modidy the base back if you don't want to screw your installation. You have to make a new modpack.

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