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Thread: Getting your video published.

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    Default Getting your video published.

    How to get your video published

    If you are interested in having your content released onto the TWC channel please read the information in this post, and use the application template below.
    Video Requirements Each video must have the following.
    Voice recordings must be in English.
    Video's must be in 1080p Quality.
    All content must abide by TWC TOS (minor exceptions, see below).
    Regular videos are required to be no longer than 20 minutes.
    Podcasts, News and Debate videos are required to be no longer than 60 minutes.

    Video Application Template Click Here to find contact details for the Media Team
    Video Creator:
    Video Title:
    Video Length:
    Video Topic:
    Video Quality:
    Video Download Link:
    Possible Copyright (Yes/No):
    Creators Youtube:
    Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook etc (Do not post personal accounts):

    Example Application Video Creator: Soulgamesinc
    Video Title: Westeros 1.0 Release
    Video Length: 12 minutes
    Video Topic: Machinima, Mod announcement
    Video Quality: 1080p
    Video Download Link: Here
    Possible Copyright (Yes/No): Yes, If video is monetized
    Language: English
    Creators Youtube: Here
    Social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook etc (Do not post personal accounts): Twitter, Facebook, Workshop

    TWC Terms of Service on Videos You can find the terms of service here
    All the TOS for TWC applies to video content hosted on the TWC channel.
    We may allow profanity if we are satisfied that:
    It is related to the content.
    It is not extreme and is not repeated too frequently through the video.
    It is not directed at an individual or group of people. (No exceptions)

    Monetization Monetary gains through the channel are currently disabled and will remain so for the foreseeable future.
    There is no exception to this, this includes content from Staff Members.

    Advertising Your Content With each video of yours, direct links to any of your channels, social media, workshops, Steam groups etc will be added into the video and video description.
    Sites such as Patreon or GoFundMe are strictly forbidden, including vocal advertisement within videos.
    Social Media profiles will be double checked to make sure they are not direct links to personal accounts. Even if you're okay with sharing these accounts we'd like to avoid any possible future issues

    Media Staff We at Media Staff will review each video before making a decision.
    Each video will be edited to have the official TWC intro and ending if accepted.
    Once a decision has been made we will send you a message.
    If Declined, we will inform you of why.
    If Accepted we will notify you and give you an approximate release date.

    Related Links
    The Media Team
    Official TWC YouTube Channel

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