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Thread: Official TWC Youtube Channel.

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    Default Official TWC Youtube Channel.

    Welcome to the Revival of the Total War Center Youtube channel.

    This thread serves the purpose of explaining the changes we within the Media Staff have made and how you can get involved!
    For a quick run down, watch the video above.

    Our aim in the Media Staff is to bring a breath of fresh life back into our communities media.
    Rather than focusing on a specific form of content or a select few individuals, we believe the channel should be used as a showcase for the raw and unique talent within the community.

    Content and Creative Freedom As stated above, we aim to avoid a stagnating form of content. You as members of the community have created a hive of knowledge and creativity of the Total War franchise and beyond that should be shared in as many mediums as possible.
    To list just some of the possible content readily available that can be expanded into videos, podcasts, debates and discussions.

    Modding Preview videos of mods
    Mod Reviews
    Mod creator interviews
    Installation and modding guides
    If you are uncomfortable creating videos for your mod, use our media forums to request someone who will be interested! Media Staff will help you in this process if you wish.

    Artwork Graphic Art with Photoshop
    Physical art such as paintings, sculptures & drawings
    Thumbnails for video creators
    As long as it's TWC related, it's welcome. Time lapses of artists at work make great content.
    If you're a student working on a portfolio, having your art shared online will help your grades, or if you're simply wanting to show off, it's welcome!

    Miscellaneous Documentaries and historical analysis
    Political Debates / Discussions
    Total War News
    Lets Plays
    Writer Study Narrations
    This is also an endless list of possibilities, these are not restrictions to what can be created, just examples of what could be done.
    (I personally would love to see a member of the community do a similar series to Time Commanders)

    Each content creator will have direct links to their related content.
    Example; Youtube Channels, Art Workshops, Related Threads, Personal Profiles on TWC.

    Media Staff have the right to refuse advertising any links that they deem harmful or inappropriate.
    This also includes links to monetary profiles such as Patreon or GoFundMe.
    TWC nor it's staff benefits financially from this community project, all monetary gains on the channel are disabled and will remain so.

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    Getting your video published
    The Media Team

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