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    Ooc: you don’t have to write new advertisements every turn as long as you have done so already for your hellenic city


    (90,000 of 150,000 immigrants have now settled)

    Around 10,000 settlers leave their old lives in Hella searching for new opportunities abroad.

    5,000 (1 settler bloc) settlers arrive to macedonian babylonia and enter the direct service of the boy-king of Asia Alexander and his regent Peucestas
    Peucestas must pay for a horse and 2 plethrons per settler

    5,000 (1 settler bloc) settlers arrive in Syria at its new capital Nikarena. They find a burgeoning land ruled by Satrap Eumenes and his new wife

    Insignificant other settlers arrive elsewhere, they need more reason to immigrate.
    Soldier pool for details, settler points award to each region on the right

    Craterus the Younger

    The (bastard) son of Craterus named Craterus, the second-in-command to Alexander soon became enamored with his own ambitions and sought to mutiny against his liege lord. To this end he has gathered many of those officers who did not like the fact they have been on an endless campaign in the service of Polyperchons young son when they expected to be landowners of large estates in part of the empire.

    12 Pezhetairoi

    If Polyperchon/Lysimachus/Cassander deny Craterus a city he will side with Antigonus and want to leave Pergamon as long as Antigonus promises him some city
    If attacked by the diadochi, Antigonus may attack at the same time with a 50% chance to open the gates

    His demands: give him and his mutineers a city worth 200 or above or install him as a king of a vassal state (this vassal state will become independant)

    Diplomatic Shifting along the Hellespont

    Odrysi Invasion

    Encouraged by Antigonid emissaries offering great rewards and marriage to his family, a horde of Odrysi has descended upon Thrace in an orgy of violence, eager to reclaim their proper territory

    Antigonus will now be able to control the Thracian army although I may need to balance it

    King Seuthus III,

    The time has come for the expansion of your lands. Although we have not spoken face to face, I have heard of your motivations and taken note of them for the past few years. I am sure you know similarly of mine. Currently, the combined forces of Lysimachus, Polyperchon, and Antipater have sailed across the Mediterranean to fight me in Anatolia. This has left their homelands exposed.

    I offer you an alliance from afar. Sophokles, an emissary of talent from my court, has been sent to you bearing this letter to officiate the details. My eldest daughter, upon completion of the war and safe clearing of the Hellespont, will ride to be wed to you. This will cement the friendship and loyalty between our lands.

    The cities of Apollonia and Beroe will be granted to you as spoils of war, shall the campaign be successful. If you choose to plunder, that is acceptable as well, but the looting will override the promise of these cities long-term.

    In particular, I have a special mission for you. Ride out with your finest horsemen, storm the city of Pella, and capture Phillip of Macedon and his wife, Eurydice. Upon completing this, take storm to the entire region. Begin mobilization of more men from your lands to strike the heart of Lysimachus. I will wipe out their main forces in Anatolia using the tricks I have in hand. We will break them together.


    -10% Barbaroi
    +50% Royal Marriage
    +30% Largest Army
    +30% Silver Tongue Emissary
    -70% Join War
    +10% Mutual Enemy
    +12% (Promise of Apollonia and Beroe, although I figure they may just sack stuff instead, which would be better for them)
    =over 100%

    Bithynia Dishonors Alliance
    Zipeotes, an ambitious and disingenuous barbarian has felt that Antigonus’ power is waning and that it would be best to no longer pay him tribute. He has locked his so-called wife in a tower at Chalcedon and levied up his army to retake Astacus. Messengers arrive at Smyrna to inform Antigonus and warn him that any interference in Bithynia will no longer be tolerated or his daughter may be harmed but he does not want to fight.

    Zipeotes has moved his army and navy to encircle and begin to besiege Astacus

    Astacus Revolts
    The citizens of Astacus, although not pleased to have traded one master for another were content enough under Antigonus’ rule until a a mysterious faction began to instigate feelings of liberty amongst its populace hearkining back to the glory days when the colony was founded by Megara and ruled the Bosporus. With Zipeotes and Antigonus no longer in accord Astacus could play off all sides to maintain its independence.

    Astacus seek confirmation of absolute independence and liberation of Chalcedon (to join the new Astacan League) in return for uniting against Zipeotes

    --if he refuses--

    Astacus offers 200 talents of tribute to Lysimachus if he is willing to protect from Zipeotes or Antigonus.

    Army of Astacus
    12 Hoplites
    3,000 Infantry

    Nicocreon of Salamis
    Admin 11

    Former King of Salamis, escaped to the Aegean and lived the life of a pirate for a year, regaining some of his lost wealth. Seeing Astacus as a city ripe for revolution, and with the backing of various contacts (who shall not be named), he and his men have pushed the city into revolution with the aid of other agents, he as the military leader.

    Thracian Colonists unhappy

    Thrace seemed a nice place to settle at first for many, but soon they found that outside the city walls of Byzantium and Lysimachia were extremely hostile tribes. Yes, Lysimachus had made attempts to reconcile greek with barbarian but this was only paper thin and between the elites. Among the commoner, thracian and greek were still mortal enemy. Raids of farmer families were common place on both sides. Now, with theEarthquake and the Odrysi moving in from the north panic has set in. Some feel the land is cursed and want to return home.

    • 10,000 settlers (all of them) are moving from lysimachia back to Macedon
    • Along the way they have a chance of plundering weakly defended cities and angering the locals. They may be convinced to stay if lysimachus parleys with them. The only other way is to halt their march by force and then do with them as you please.

    Second Egyptian Revolt

    Ptolemy’s weak grasp upon the cities of the upper Nile has led to a revolt of the native population, the 500 macedonians at Thebes have been slaughtered in an orgy of violence. They have claimed all territory within Egypt and have marched to Panapolis to await the outcome of the diadochi near the Nile to the north.

    Pharoh Tefnakht

    A clever man, former high priest of Horus, claims he is the reincarnation of an ancient pharoh sent by the gods to liberate the people of the upper nile. Open to negotiations, especially with the diadochi who promises him de jure control over Upper Egypt...may even ride to their defense.

    Army of Upper Egypt
    13 x Merc Nubian Infantry
    35 machimoi infantry
    16 Psiloi
    90 War Chariots

    12,000 Infantry
    3000 skirmishers
    90 chariots

    Barbarian Raids

    Along the fringes of the empire exist peoples who are both warlike, nomadic, and poor. They are a menace always threatening from beyond the horizon.

    Nabatean Raids

    The Nabataeans are one among several nomadic tribes that roam the Arabian Desert, moving with their herds to wherever they could find pasture and water. These nomads became familiar with their area as seasons passed, and they struggle to survive during bad years when seasonal rainfall diminished. Tired of living in poverty the tribes began moving into the outlying judaean settlements and raiding them for livestock which has now greatly intensified.

    -To resist any future attacks every border city in Judaea must be garrisoned with 5,000 bp ( to represent a series of forts).
    -Leonnatus can lead a military expedition into the steppe.

    -Leonnatus can attempt to negotiate

    -If Judaea remains lightly garrisoned or the Saka are not punished, they will attack again and in larger numbers, able to invade phoencia.

    Judaea collects no income this year[-800 talents]

    Sarmatian Raids

    Far to the north great migrations are underway, terrible tribal conflicts between the tribes. The newest invaders are those of the Sarmatae the most powerful of which are the Sirakes, led by King Aripharnes who has many other tribes under his sway, subjugating the Legae scyths to the south. Continuing he then invaded the territories of the albanians, but finding them poor push southwards into the much richer territories of Hyrcania , e undefended. Luckily, at Artashat Thessalonike was safe inside the walls but the peasants were not as lucky. Many cruelties and unspeakable horrors are inflited in the Hyrcanian villages. After a few weeks they leave but will be back...

    -To resist any future attacks every border city in Hyrcania and Armenia, Aristonus may order a wall to be built at derbent and and garrisoned with 20,000 bp at all times. The caucasian albanians will not oppose this and be grateful for the defense as the sarmatians have raided them too.

    Aristonus can lead a military expedition into the steppe.

    Aristonus can attempt to negotiate (make an rp thread)

    -If the Caucasian gate is not constructed and garrisoned or the Sarmatians are not punished, they will attack again and in larger numbers, able to invade armenia as well.

    Hyrcania collects no income this year[-700 talents]

    Saka Raids

    The Saka tribes once again plunder Sogdiana, and this time enter Bactria to raid some more but do not intend to engage the army there. They will continue this every year.

    -To resist any future attacks every border city in Sogdiana must be garrisoned with 5,000 bp ( to represent a series of forts).
    -Peithon can lead an expedition into the steppe (enemy estimated at approx 15,000 strong cavalry and archers)

    -If Sogdiana remains lightly garrisoned or the Saka are not punished, they will attack again and in larger numbers, able to invade bactria.
    -Peithon can attempt to negotiate (make an rp thread)

    Sogdiana collects no income this year[-700 talents]
    Bactria partillary raided and loses [-300 talents]

    Note: Idling in your province with a big army is not a viable strategy, it will do little to stop the raids. The mobility of the nomads are legendary and they will not engage and instead seek to plunder in small groups, you may lessen the raid damage but it will keep occurring

    Invading barbarian territory is possible but difficult, they have detailed local knowledge bonus applied at all times and their skirmish power is immense making them almost impossible to pin down as well as no cities to siege to force them to fight. In addition the deeper you go into enemy territory the more forts you will need to set up to secure your supply line. However if you win you will become legendary and no nomad will ever invade you again (from that culture group)

    Achaean Exiles

    Expelled the corinthian League, Gyrtias has a relatively powerful following of achean troops. The Corinthians view the Achaeans as a subject people, a backwards greek race that should look always towards Corinth. While many accept this fact of life, Gyrttias of Sicyon does not. Among his followers are believers in the concept of the Achaean League. They have arrived at the court of Ptolemy looking for support to overthrow the Corinthians and install their league (if successful they will become allies of Ptolemy giving him 100% access to their army for any further invasions of the peloponnese as long as it expand the Achaean League, Sicyon will become a level 3 city and the achean league will expand , half the income of any future conquests will go to ptolemy. If he is unable to grant their wish in 2 turns or is defeated by Leonnatus they will go to the first diadochi who offers them what they desire.

    Gyrtias of Acheaa
    Combat: 5

    Achaean army
    16 Hoplites (4000)
    12 Hippeies (1200)
    8 Ekdromoi (2000)
    8 Psilioi (2000)

    Other Events

    Agricultural Report

    The territories of POLYPERCHON report a Rich Harvest this year giving +10% income

    The territories of NEARCHUS report a Poor Harvest this year giving -10% income

    City grows poorer
    The city of Alexandria Ariana, a colony of Alexander’s delusional dreams has dried up without the government funding to keep it going and lack of hellenic settlers. Grand empty libraries and temples to Gods no one worships. Pashtuns trade goat cheese on the steps of these crumbling greek buildings and set up tents in the growing ruins.
    Alexanria Ariana becomes a moderate (200) city

    City grows Richer
    Daskyleion has become a richer city with the coininflow of Antigonu’s army spending. Entire blacksmithing, armormaking, horse care, and prostitution industries have emerged to here.
    Daskyleion becomes a rich (300) city

    Media and Thrace experience earthquakes, a few urbanites are killed but no great damage occurs, some take it as a bad omen however.

    Trade Report

    This was a good year for some in tradetrade

    1 The Port of Leonnopolis trading with Rhodes, Ambrakia, and Orchomenus gained 415 talents this year (above average profit)
    2. The Port of Nikarena in Syria trading with Athens gained 155 talents this year (above average profit)
    3.The Port of Alexandria trading with Rhodes, Corcyra, and Corinth, and Thebes gained 0 talents (BLOCKADED)
    4.The Port of Thebes trading with Alexandria gained 0 talents (BLOCKADED)
    5. Market of Bactra trading with Sogdiana gained 0talents this year (RAIDED)
    6. Market of Markand trading with Bactra gained 0 talents this year (RAIDED)

    Warning to Leonnatus by the trading partners of Ptolemy!

    Displeased by being cut off from the wealthy port of Alexandria; Rhodes Corinth and Corcyra are filing a formal complaint to Leonnatus to lift the blockade against Egypt or else they will begin to expand their navies and attempt a possible united relief mission next year in 317.

    Ionian Sea
    No pirate activity reported in these lonely waters by egyptian ships

    Western Aegean
    No pirate activity reported in this prosperous sea region by rhodian ships

    Sea of Crete
    No pirate activity reported along the coast of crete by leonnatid ships.

    Safety Level at 60% meaning -40% profits on all trade routes atm

    Every 5 triremes or 10 biremes will fix safety of a single route by +20% (post in your purchases how many you want to assign to which route, they are stuck doing this all year)

    You may also try to find the pirates, there are 3 bases in the mediterranean (excluding the levantine sea and hellespont) at the moment. You need 15 triremes or 30 biremes to search a sea region and root out the pirates.

    Rhodes, due to its friendship with egypt has dispacted its entire fleet to protect the trade between their city and Alexandria, as well as search the sea of crete for pirates:

    20 rhodian biremes patrol the alexandria-rhodes route brings it back up to 100% safety
    15 rhodian triremes searching the straits of messana

    Generals ride to offer their services to Diadochi

    Lesser figures than the diadochi but still men of martial ability with bands of follower seek permanent service in the lord they believe has the most to offer.

    1 General with 7 command, 7 combat; and 7600 BP of followers joins Eumenes

    Players can pick their name, ethnicity, and background. Also, the units you pick must be based of his ethnicity. If he is macedonian he needs macedonian units, greek, then greek units, eastern then eastern, etc.

    -20k bp to capture cities now, if you capture the capital all empty cities turn over to you
    -If you crush a revolt in a province it will be 50% less likely to revolt for 10 years
    -new unit: Catapult Detachment (essentially a ranged bp elephant, but can also be used in siege)

    0-2400 ranged bp
    50 talents cost

    At close targets, a ballista could be aimed effectively but accuracy came at a cost in range; it could fire around 500 metres. The machine used two torsion springs with levers inserted into twisted ropes made from animal sinew, giving incredible power for its size. Firing either solid shot or bolts, it was equally effective against infantry or cavalry, but could also be deployed to destroy light fortifications during sieges. Originally developed by the Greeks around 400BC
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    16 Pezhetairoi
    20 Prodomoi
    8 Xystophoroi
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    Peithon, Satrap of Media

    In Media...

    30 x Median Native Phalanx (finished 3/8)
    6 x Median Eastern (Archers 3/8)
    10 x Median Cavalry (finished 3/12)

    In Aria
    5 x Arian Eastern Axemen (Archers 3/8)

    ~ Peithon declares his territory independent of the Argead and establishes the Successor State, the Peithonid Dynasty, an essentially persian dynasty with a tiny hellenic elite (-5 legitimacy)
    ~Peithon mints coins in his image -10% income (+2 legitimacy)
    ~To pay for these costs Peithon raises taxes to high
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    x10 Pezheteroi
    x7 Promodoi
    x24 Eastern Light Cavalry (19 in Babylonia, 6 in Susia)
    x6 Xystophoroi (Ready April 8th)
    x10 Psoli (Ready April 8th)
    x10 Eastern Archers (Ready April 8th)

    All Ready April 12th unless otherwise noted

    Peucestas welcomes all troops, veteran and non-veteran alike with open arms.
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    The Death of Aristonus

    Despite Aristonus' substantial victory, both tactical and strategic, over the forces of the Regent, the young general was not well. Unable to rest, unable to eat, unable to sleep, he was fixated with succeeding or outdoing Alexander the Great. His behavior became erratic, and it started to concern his lieutenants and new allies. Aristonus began boasting to his soldiers that was Alexander's rightful heir--which many did not openly dispute--but also became convinced that he must do away with the Argead Dynasty as a whole. More to the point, he began to issue erratic orders, starting with a suicidal attack on Babylon's walls. As soon as a plague broke out amongst Aristonus' men, they believed that Zeus had cursed them for their hubris, and began to grow dismayed with Aristonus' orders and the encroaching relief army of Eumenes. Ultimately, Aristonus declared his intention to march the army deep into Arabia for purposes unknown, never again to be seen by mortal eyes. His men felt that he had clearly been struck mad, and they conspired amongst themselves of what they should do. Ultimately, it was agreed that Aristonus was too mad to follow, and too dangerous to let live. If they killed him, they would permanently end the threat of discord within the Empire.

    Thus, at night, Aristonus was awakened by a confrontation of his troops. Despite his best attempts to quell them, partly by reason, partly by delusion, the men decided to slay him where he stood, and the army disbanded.

    • Aristonus dies
    • Thessaloniki returns to Macedon, her marriage not being consummated allows her to marry another Diadochi
    • All of Aristonus' native trained soldiers disband
    • Aristonus' Macedonian troops and Veterans will march to Babylon to the Regent
    • The Terms of the Partition of Tripardisus still apply, and the Hetairoi are expecting to be redistributed to the remaining Diadochi who remain Royalists (i.e. not Successor or Usurper)
    • The Regent may abrogate this by law, or call a new partition, or synedrion, to determine the fate of the Hetairoi and Veterans
    • The non-Veteran Macedonians (originally Peucastid) may rejoin Peucastas if he pays their turnly upkeep. Otherwise they disband. [Special Circumstances]

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    Eumenes orders the recruitment of:
    - 6x Uazali
    - 3x Syrian Archers
    - 20x Armenian Cavalry
    - 10x Pezhetairoi
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