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Thread: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.2. RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 30th March 2021

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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.1 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 2nd FEBRUARY 2021

    upgrade_settlement <settlement name>

    Works fine. Do that twice and even though my building is still a castle I get access to the fortress level upgrades,

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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.1 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 2nd FEBRUARY 2021

    Ashlander Camps Recruitment - Allows recruitment only when inside a fort
    Discovered a new type of script. This allows to use forts as semi settlements, making it possible to use them as recruitment centers! (The camp on the pic is not a settlement, but a fort ) The normal mercenary system will still be kept, this is just an addition to it

    In other news, 2.0.2 will likely be up in a few days.

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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.1 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 2nd FEBRUARY 2021

    Using Necromancy to raise executed enemies as undead
    Will work for all factions, not just the Undead (though, most of the necromancers are with The Undead of course).
    The more you execute, the more you can raise. Unit size of these units is 250, so you have to execute at least 250, 500, 750 and so on.

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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.1 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 2nd FEBRUARY 2021

    Unofficial Patch 2.0.2 for The Elder Scrolls

    Upgrade to the new TES 2.0.2 release of the main mod - The King and Crusader Event included, as well as all other main features of that version
    Features - 2.0.2

    Expanded Necromancy

    Necromancers can now raise executed enemies after every battle via mercenary window. You are also able to turn turn your characters to necromancers with a small chance when they in a settlements with a necromancer guild. Once you potetionally accept Mannimarco Event, those chances grow up significantly.

    Expanded Vampirism
    Added an ability to send characters to Volkihar (once you take it) to purposely turn them vampires, including your faction leaders. Hence, this way you would be able to the Vampire Event faster. Also increased "random" chances of being infected by Vampirism (when fighting vampire generals, etc).
    - For both, added more consequental trait triggers - If you accept either above, necromancers/vampires will be more loyal, while the other generals will be less loyal.

    Alchemy Improved
    - Improved alchemy triggers in a way, that is easier to get crafting started. On the first levels of Alchemy trait you can gather only ingredients that you can use, hence it is easier to know which ones you can use

    Forts as Minor Settlements
    - Ashlanders can recruit units in their camps (permanent forts), therefore the forts can now serve as "minor" settlements.

    Missions and Guilds
    Dungeons contracts targets will now not be that far away (via decreasing movement points of assassins)
    - Enabled several missions that were not working in the previous version - Primarily capture and convert type of missions and more Dark Brotherhood missions
    - Increased rewards for missions significantly, implemented a new type of reward based on your income. The Factional Guilds are not a bit harder to get

    Units and Balance
    - Added Royal Chosen while keeping the original reskinned Heavy Altmer tier, hence the altmer roster is expanded. The Royal Chosen are availible to Summerset Kingdom, however if Council of Thalmor destroys them, they are allowed to recruit them as well.
    - Re-added The Thegns.
    - Increased movement pace of several infantry based factions - primarily the orsimer and argonians.
    - Added many more availible armor upgrades - the orsimer are only faction able to upgrade armors for all their units fully
    - Various other balancing - stats, prices, attributes, availiblity

    Turns Times Optimization and Stability
    - Reworked large portion of the scripts to shorten turn times and increase stability
    - Garrison Script replaced with one that is much more optimized. The AI reinformences appear once you choose to "maintain siege".
    - Added an option to download the mod with and without Engine Overhaul Project Tool (EOP) as for many people it doesnt seem to be compatible.

    - Fixed Akaviri and Maormeri invasions, their forces should now be actively invading.
    - Blackmarsh can now turn horde when they loose all settlements (as well as Orsinium, Ashlanders and The Undead from previous versions)
    - Campaign AI improved further, the Battle AI reverted back to Germanicus.
    - The King and Crusader Event expanded to Forebears, Colovia and Thalmor.
    - Custom bodyguards should now work properly.
    - Morale for AI slightl even more increased, as well as their recruitment priority.
    - Fixed the bug in custom battle select, there were some vanilla locations.
    - Fixed missing descriptinons for Blackmarsh culture (the DO NOT TRANSLATE)
    - Added missing descriptions for new units (credits to Jorven Greshnar).
    - Added The Prophet to The Three Banners War (using the new model from TES TW 2.0.2). Implemented some other minor things from the main mod that I left out last time, such as Silt Striders trade resource.
    - Replaced "Dont loose me!" portrait with "Dont lose me!"

    If you like the mod, follow and rate us on moddb!

    You can also join our official TES discord!

    Install instructions
    Due to the numerous issues that people had with running the mod with EOP tool, I have decided to release 2.0.2. into variants, one using EOP (FULL FEATURES) and one without it.The version WITHOUT EOP FEATURES doesnt have these features enabled by EOP - Alchemy Crafting, increased ancillaries limit, Oblivion Gate Travel, 3 new religions (Maormer, Akavir and Eight Divines), increased required build points for sieges, berserk attributes for some units, ...

    0. If you have a previous version of this path or the main mod, ie 2.0 or 2.0.1., you need to delete it first and start over.

    1. Download and install The Elder Scrolls 2.0.2 Standalone. Of course, you need to apply 4GB patch as well, its located in your TES folder.

    2. Go into your The_Elder_Scrolls/data and delete the whole "world" folder"!

    3. Download and install TES Unofficial Patch 2.0.2 by extracting it into your The_Elder_Scrolls folder. You will know you are doing it correctly when it asks you to overwrite files, hit yes. This applies for both version, FULL and without EOP.

    4. You are ready to play!
    For FULL version, you launch via the "TES UP Launcher", the version without EOP classicaly via The_Elder_Scrolls.bat

    If you are having issues, such as being unable to launch or having frequent crashes, read the download thread to see tips, there are several ones that will help you. You should be definitely able to run the version "without EOP" with no issues, but some people might not able to run the FULL version properly.

    See the OP (first post) for the full changelog

    (in a few details I will try to release a guide the the mod - to all the features, factions and so on
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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.2. RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 30th March 2021

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