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Thread: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0.1 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 2nd FEBRUARY 2021

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    Default Re: [UP]Unofficial Patch for TES - 2.0 RELEASED - NEW VERSION RELEASED 26th DECEMBER 2020

    Glad to see you are reactive on fixing the issues.
    How do you use the potions by the way?

    I played a few hours with your submod and right now I have two majors complaints with it.

    - the economies are screwed for a lot of factions in the grand campaign and oblivion crisis. Maybe in the others too but these are the only ones I tried. I had to disband 3/4 of my armies for the telvannis and the empire of cyrodiil and I was still in red. You really should fix that asap because the only way to survive this is cheating massively with add money to build economy buildings.

    -what's the point in dungeons quests? Never had any artifact and the rewards are miserable (100 septims isn't worth the loss of soldiers). I guess it improves when you rank up, but at the beginning there's absolutely no incentives to do them (especially with the low economy where you try to use your army to capture rebel settlements).

    Other than that (and the arion's bug) it looks very promising. Economical balance and polish are the only things lacking for turning your submod into the best elder scrolls TW experience.
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