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Thread: [Released] The Green Knight, actual protector of Bretonnia

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    Icon1 [Released] The Green Knight, actual protector of Bretonnia

    Hello fellow strategists,

    I released a little mod yesterday which improves the Green Knight's campaign map mechanics. It is available on the Steam Workshop
    When the Green Knight was confirmed to be in the 1.6 update, I expected him to manifest when Bretonnia's most hallowed places come under attack by enemies of the Lady.

    As this did not turn out to be the case, I modded it into the game myself. As a bonus, the Green Knight can draw additional strength from buildings related to horsemanship and piety. I'm also very open to constructive criticism and suggestions!

    Quick overview:

    • The Green Knight now protects Bretonnia's three legendary buildings as a garrison unit
    • The Green Knight (both the call-in and the garrison version) gets stacking bonuses from certain Bretonnian buildings
    • Compatible with garrison mods and mods that directly change the Green Knight's stats or similar

    Hope you enjoy it.

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