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Thread: Rome 1 Mod help on steam?

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    Default Rome 1 Mod help on steam?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased Rome Total War Gold Edition on steam with the Alexander expansion after I played it quite a lot several years ago. I'd really like to get several mods to play also. I noticed since it's on steam I simply can't copy a folder and install a mod in it, and I have seen that you must set a launch option after getting a mod to play it. However I was wondering can I just install several different mods into the steam folder for Rome Gold (or Alexander, depending on which), and set a launch for them anytime I wish to play them but at the same time be able to revert back to Vanilla when I want? Sorry for rambling on but thanks and I'd appreciate any help.

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    This should work for mod-foldered mods (like XGM for example).
    Just remove the launch option "-mod:xgm" from the steam launch options, and you launch the vanilla game again.
    Check out this guide for making stuff work on Win10:

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