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    This submod's name is based off of Super Smash Bros Brawl's SSBB Minus mod. That fighting game's mod objective is to comically buff each playable character's most iconic attributes in order to provide a novel gaming experience. Likewise, EBII Minus will buff each faction's most iconic traits, with no regard to overall balance. Some factions will benefit enormously while others not so much. Unfortunately, history was like this - certain nations enjoyed invaluable advantages, such as Rome's incredible farmlands and population, Parthia's notorious cataphracts and horse archers, and Nabatu's status as the Red Sea trade middleman. Still, the buffs in this mod are made to highlight and exaggerate, not bastardize, history. The two heaviest changes are to be made to EDU, descr_strat.txt, and EDB (which require only syntaxical changes), with a few minor changes in campaign_script.txt (with major changes requiring extensive testing, which I do not like). Here are each faction's tentative buffs in EBII Minus:


    - Municipital government in Rome itself has all units' replenishment and cap doubled throughout all military eras. It was the city of Rome and her closest allies that gave every last drop of their citizen's blood in Rome's darkest moments. Even if parts of Italia fall, Rome will still have a bulwark to rely on. Victory or death.

    - Morale and discipline slightly buffed to all Roman (not necessarily all Italian) infantry, Camillan, Polybian, and Marian. While not the most proficient in CQC, Roman infantry nevertheless acheived legendary notoriety through their iron discpline. They will still suffer heavy casualties, but fear the shame of failing their motherland more than death.

    - Mass noticeably buffed for Camillan infantry. Again, there was little difference in skill and training between Camillan and Polybian-Era infantry. Regardless of their era, Roman infantry will stand fast against even cavalry charges.

    - Equites, both Camillan and Polybian, have their defense skill slightly buffed. Roman cavalry, despite their stereotype as a bunch of unskilled and over-equipped spoiled noblemen, still managed to pull off some upsets throughout history, the most notable being holding off the famed Thessalian Cavalry in multiple battles during the Pyrrhic Wars.


    - Kinda playing into stereotypes here... but all Punic governments now provide increasing improvements income and trade bonuses.

    - Carthage enjoys even more naval experience from the Coastal Patrols building line. It also receives increasingly high ship discounts from Shipyard buildings. Carthage historically dominated the seas and had the naval tradition and expertise to raise mighty armadas.

    - Mercenary Captain retinue member added to all FMs outside of punic heartlands at the beginning of the game. Strong employer contacts were established in Mediterranean islands, Iberia, and Gaul. You should keep these retinue members alive to keep up the Punic mercenary tradition. After all, they were renowned by mercenaries for sparing no expense in buying their allegiance. Wait, what Mercenary War? You're just a Roman shill.

    - Recruitment pools in Shardin, Korsim, and Lilybaeum expanded to include more Ligurian, Gallic, Iberian, Italian, and Hellenic troops in factional governments. These well-situated Punic settlements will serve as foreign mercenary recruitment hubs and deployment bases.


    - More a visual change than gameplay one, Makedonia's Royal Homeland government nonetheless now offers 1 Hypaspist and 1 Thorakitai Epilektoi post-Thorakitai reforms instead of continuing to offer 2 Hypaspists. As dogmatic and conservative as EBII historians deem the Antigonids to be, they still should have picked up some military innovations. They embraced every single other Hellenistic unit - why not modernize the gear of their Hypaspists as well?

    - Thureopherontes Hippeis now available in factional governments and replacing Hippoakontistai in factional governments after the Thureos Reform instead of the Thorakitai Reforms. As the primary victim of the Celtic invasion of 280 BC, this faction is more keen to adopt thureos shields and heavier armament. Giving the ineffective Hippotakontistai basic armor and thureos shields seems in-lieu with the spirit of the earlier Thureos reforms. Poleis recruitment of skirmisher cavalry remains unchanged - the equipment of heavier skirmisher cavalry is provided by the state.

    - Iranian Heavy Cavalry available in Satrapeia instead of the Xystophoroi/Aspidotai. The ruling satrap can be relied upon to call forth his personal khuveshangan far away from Hellas


    - Same Thureopherontes Hippeis availability buff.

    - Federalization top-tier government now offers 2 additional Classical Hoplites and, after the Thorakitai Reforms, 2 Thorakitai, instead of the Xystophoroi/Aspidotai combo. This represents the professional forces of the federal government normally provided by Hellenistic Military Colonies.

    - Federalization government no longer requires a certain level of Hellenistic Polities. You may build it anywhere, but it converts to only 30% now. It grants 1 Classical Hoplite and, after the Thorakitai Reforms, 1 Thorakitai, instead of the Xystophoroi/Aspidotai combo. Again, the federal government is maintaining a professional infantry force now.


    - Same Thureopherontes Hippeis availability buff.

    - The precursor government no longer requires a certain level of Hellenistic Polities! A true Koinon seeks to expand its fellowship, even to populations that are non-Hellenic... for now.

    - Supervised Hellenic Administration now converts up to 70%. Enough to build a metropoleis... provided you hand off this heavily Hellenized province to a Diadochi faction that then establishes/colonizes a minor poleis, then confiscate it back.

    - Happiness and trade bonus from the poleis building line are doubled for KH only.

    - Various influence-boosting ancillaries have been added to your myriad of starting FMs. Be sure to transfer them to the newer generations of cultural imperialists!


    - Same Thureopherontes Hippeis availability buff.

    - Epilektoi Hoplites are back on the menu for the Ancestral Constitution government! Will you hold off redistributing land to miilitary settlers in exchange for the allegiance of the local professionals/elites?

    - 1 unit of Raskumezenai and 1 unit of Katakoi Thraikes available from Pergamon's Royal Homeland BEFORE the kingship reforms (!). Galatians weren't the only settlers in Asia Minor - don't forget the Thracians whose first stop in their journey to the east was none other than Asia Minor.

    - Unit deplenishment removed from Pergamon's starting situation. IIRC despite most of Anatolia being a war-torn hellzone, Pergamon itself remained relatively unscathed, and had a reserve of professionals to call upon once the time for expansion is ripe.


    - General increase in frequency and cap of royal court members. Place yourself in the shoes of a Seleucid Basileus - will you pack your court with cronies to better influence your subjects at the risk of some of them defecting, or continue to place your trust only in the most qualified of men?

    - Same Iranian Heavy Cavalry from Satrapeia.

    - Kataphractoi available in Royal Homeland after the Thureos Reforms. Chances are the Seleucids will be bush-wacked by the Parthians and even Armenians by the Thureos Reforms. They will quickly adopt what they see is a potentially battle-winning corps.


    - Increase in Machimoi phalanx recruitment by the Thureos Reforms, and even more by the Thorakitai Reforms. Likewise, the unrest from recruiting so many Machimoi has been increased. Will you be forced to rely on conscripting the rebellious Machimoi as the Syrian Wars drag on? It's certainly tempting!

    - 2 additional units of Machimoi phalanxes added to one of your starting armies in Syria. The Ptolemies have already began conscripting additional Machimoi in anticiptation of a showdown against Seleukos himself.


    - Thureopherontes Toxotai, Bosporitai Hippeis, and Bosporitai Logades are now available from factional governments only once the Thureos Reforms hit. Being the innovators of extra-heavy troops of all kinds against the arrow-spamming nomads, it makes sense that this helleno-nomadic faction will phase them in earlier than most. Recruitment of these heavy troops remain unchanged in poleis and other factional governments.

    - HP and poleis requirements for all KB factional governments reduced, and just enough conversion to reach the next level are added. The oppressive Leukonidai rule has one benefit, which is forcibly converting the population to Hellenism whether they like it or not.


    - Addition by subtraction: all factions other than this one and a few others are confined to recruiting Siraces Riders from Foreign Military Colonies in the Caucasus at any era. This faction though can recruit an single unit of Bosporan Horse Archers from level 2 onwards after the Thorakitai Reforms.

    - Battles against the eastern Greeks requirement reduced from 10 to 5. You only need to gain international fame through winning a few battles, not international condemnation through unnecessarily picking fight after fight, in order to become an imperial power.


    - Same Bosporan Horse Archer uniqueness.

    - Caucasian Lancers available as local troops in Egrisi, Mtseka, and Kabalaka only once the Thureos Reforms hit (the "satrap's retinue" change from Iranian Medium Cavalry to Caucasian Lancers will still activate only after the Thorakitai Reforms). The Armenians will be the first to foster a tradition of medium lancers after centuries of contact, pleasant or not, with the nomads to the north.

    - Armenian cataphracts' armor buffed to their original value, but unit numbers reduced. Being fully clad in armor (both rider and horse), these armored horsemen will be as terrifying as they were historically, game balance be damned.

    - Imperial Seat now offers 1 Armenian Royal Guard and 1 Armenian Cataphract. Wherever the famed Second Capital of the Armenians is built, the military traditions follow.


    - Same cataphract buff.

    - The level of Foreign Military Colony allowed for all Imperial governments buffed by 1. For example, Subject Nomad Territory now allows level 1, Parthian Border March level 2, and Satrapy and above level 3. Having taken over Achaemenid lands it makes sense for the Parthian to have better access to their military and settler traditions.

    - All Philhellenic governments now offer 1 additional unit of Hoplites/Thorakitai as the satrap's personal retinue. The Parthians were particularlly patrons of the Hellenes due to how many of them were already in the former Achaemenid Empire by the time the Parthians conuered it.


    - Baktrian Horse Archers morale increased to 4. They're a professional force raised by the Baktrian Greeks specifically to counter nomads.

    - Same Iranian Heavy Cavalry from Satrapeia.

    - Same Kataphractoi availability buff

    - Hellenic and Supervised Hellenic Administration now offers even more Indo-hellenic troops in all Baktrian and Indian lands after the Thureos Reforms. Spreading and intensifying Hellenic presence in Baktrian and Indian lands pay dividends: men versed and armored in Greek fashion will flock to your banners.

    - AI Taksashilan cavalry reforms slightly tweaked so that it also triggers by turn 120 if the Baktrians still exist (Taksashilans can be dead). If the Taksashilans failed to reform their cavalry, then the Baktrians will pull from their mliitary heritage to do so.

    - Colony points from all missions HALVED (1 point from conquering Eschate, 1 point from upgrading the walls of Eschate, 1 point from conquering Chach, and 1 point from conquering Bukhark), but Level 3 (not the reformed one) Hellenistic Military Colony is available in Baktriane itself again. This is a buff, trust me. The scarcity of Hellenes this far into the east on the periphery of the known world is futher emphasized, but you have an easier time gaining access to your own long-term source of colonists by upgrading to a Metropoleis in Baktria.


    - More infrastructure available that require only the precursor (Tribute) government. The Sarmatians, even after supposedly gaining governing skills after their settled reforms, still can't built much in sedentary regions outside of their area of influence. In EBII Minus, though, they have the governorship skills to build decent infrastructure such as paved roads, temples, and ports. They won't be able to convince the locals to fight for them though.


    - Same cataphract buff.

    - Same foreign military colony buff.

    - Starting FL stack is joined by 2 units of Pointed Hat Sakans. Sakans from the lands to the south have learned of your intent on "Bringing Divine Rule" and decided to join you as allies instead of the conquered.

    - Your rewards for conquering each settlement that is part of the settled reforms has been multipled by 1.5. For example, you get 3 units of Sakan Horse Archers or 3000 mnai now. These Sakans have been convinced of your divine mandate and more readily contribute to your cause.

    - Indo-Greek troops available in all post-Imperial governments built in India. The historical Indo-Sakan kingdom will take advantage of the existing military fusion between the Greeks and Indians.


    - A small collection of native Sabaean troops are now available from saba_client government path anywhere post Imperial reforms, but only with EI above 50%. Should the Sabaeans adopt Achaemenid settler practices they will colonize foreign lands far from their Arabian homelands, but only where there is strong Sabaean control. Also no one like shipping Sabaean troops all the way down to the southern tip of Arabia, even with 2.35A R3's naval mobility buff.

    - Boost to recruitment of Sabaeans from Mauryab after the Imperial reforms. It's a sprawling metropoleis compared to neighboring oasis states.


    - All mostly shirtless Celtic infantry now frighten nearby infantry. To "civilized" eyes, fighting without armor or even basic clothing could only be a sign of madness or courage. Either are not qualities you want in an enemy.

    - All celtic infantry have gained slight attack increases and huge charge bonuses, but none of them have above average stamina now. This better represents Celtic shock tactics - either you win the battle in its crucial opening moments, or suffer a slow and agonizing defeat over the course of it.

    - A little extra heavy infantry, both factional and regional, available after the Thorakitai Reforms. This fills a much needed gap between the transition from light to heavier troops. Without this, the Celtic Twilight reforms will feel like a sudden injection of uber-heavy troops.


    - Same shirtless buff

    - Same shock tactics buff

    - Same Thorakitai reforms recruitment buff


    - Can now convert camps. The natives of the British Isles were halways between sedentary and pastorialist lifestyles, and can effectively govern or transition between either.

    - Same shirtless buff

    - Same shock tactics buff

    - Same Thorakitai reforms recruitment buff


    - Same shirtless buff

    - Same shock tactics buff

    - Same Thorakitai reforms recruitment buff


    - EDB changes to encourage the infamouse Germanic migrations! After the Thorakitai Reform, regions with the germania attribute gain extra recruitment in all Tribal Migration buildings, but suffer from hefty unhappiness and law maluses. This is futher compounded after the sweboz reforms. As a result , over time, core settlements become overpopulated and nigh-impossible to control. The Sweboz are then forced to seek out greener pastures in foreign lands...

    - Same shirtless buff

    - Every Germanic unit is now an expert at hiding and fighting in the woods thanks to their heavily wooded homelands. If you want firsthand testimonies of Germanic concealment tactics, just ask the Roman survivors of Teutoburg Forest! Oh wait, there weren't any.


    - Some token Sarmatian recruitment added in the eastern Lugian regions if sarmatian migrations are activated.

    - Same shirtless buff

    - Same forest buff


    - All Iberian/Leusitane units can hide in long grass and have at least some expertise in hiding in the woods. This is thanks to their centuries of guerilla warfare and raiding.


    - You now also gain colony points from Established Communities. Exploding Celtiberian populations in foreign lands mean that a surplus can be recolonized elsewhere.

    - Same guerilla warfare buff


    - Numidian Cavalry defense skill and morale improved. These horsemen employed superb skirmishing tactics and were well aware of their status as vaunted mercenaries.

    - Numidian Warriors available at the start of the game for Numidian factional governments, and Numidian Late Infantry available for Numidian factional governments after the Thureos Reforms. Just like the Bosporans, the Numidians will be the primary innovators of their own style of heavy infantry.


    - Trade Monopoly bonus increased from 1000 to 5000, and a slight bonus to relations between Nabataea and Seleucids on the turn of the bonus. The trade of exotic goods from Mauryab to Hellenistic markets was especially lucrative, and a yearly income equal to how much the Armenians pay to the Seleucids would do it justice.


    - You can build indogreek guilds up to level 2 instead of just 1 before the cavalry reforms, but the Indo-Greek Cavalry, of which only 1 is available, is restructed to level 3. The Indians are ready to adopt heavy greek hoplites and medium infantry, but still pride themselves in their chariots until the reform condtiions force them to change their way of thinking.

    - The cavalry reforms no longer require the battles against the Sakas to be "large". Any encounter with the arrow-slinging Sakans is enough to leave an impression.
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    Work will begin once 2.35a's development is finalized. Basically, until no more R4, R5, etc.

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    This looks interesting! But I thought R3 was ​the final version?

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    Oh great, time to get to work then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aodh Mór Ó Néill View Post
    This looks interesting! But I thought R3 was ​the final version?
    Not necessarily. Still collecting small tweaks and changes, we'll see whether they're material enough for a genuine final release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuintusSertorius View Post
    Not necessarily. Still collecting small tweaks and changes, we'll see whether they're material enough for a genuine final release.
    Damn! Time to put my Romani grand campaign on hold I guess.

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