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    Loving the mod, but did anyone figure out how to revert city walls back to vanilla instead of the star forts? Either the files or just a guide would be much appreciated.

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    a more traditional wall with starfort format and texture would be perfect. maybe there is an older version of walls like this.

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    It would be nice to get the old more stable walls back. I haven't played this mod for very long, but I have fired multiple demi-culverin shots into walls and they always just say 0% damaged. Is there any cannon capable of knocking a hole into these star forts?

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    The question is as old as the mod itself. It has been answered a few times over the years. You can revert to the standard walls by deleting or renaming to something random the large_city folder from the data/settlements/north_european/settlements folder.

    However, star fort walls were essentially indestructible. Even where they could be destroyed, the damage caused was so slow that the defenders could repair it. Star fort walls were almost always stormed rather than destroyed. The artillery in the mod is mostly for use against units and medieval walls not for star fort walls.

    EDIT: Just some historical info: The two major star fort sieges of the Thirty Years War were those of Breda and Stralsund. After a year of besieging Breda without being able to breach its walls, the Spanish mined under a section of the walls, and when the inhabitants found out, they surrendered Breda. Its walls were never actually breached. In Stralsund at some point after a long siege that involved all of Wallenstein's army, a section of the walls came down. By then, the defenders had time to build a second wall behind the damaged section and the attackers found themselves in worse trouble because once inside the outer walls, they were now being fired at from all sides from the ramparts of the new second wall. In fact, much of the fighting at Stralsund was either sally outs from the defenders or attacks by the attackers to storm ravelins (outer defenses) around Stralsund. As long as the defenders held the ravelins, the attackers could not even bring their artillery close enough to reliably hit the walls. They had to fire long shots by angling the entire cannon and after the cannon recoiled it was quite difficult to get the same firing angle for subsequent shots. On another occasion, when Gustavus was besieging a star fort in Germany, he used his artillery just to provide smoke cover. He placed it near the walls and ordered that the cannons fired just to provide a smoke cover for his infantry to storm the walls using ropes and ladders.
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