I'm playing white huns and recently I decided to keep the hordes together. I have 5 hordes, of which 3,5 can be called armies. I destroyed half the Persian factions before gathering my armies and now I'm traversing the East as a giant ball of death.

The problem is that the AI doesn't give me battle. Sassanids, Armenians, Kartli, they all keep their armies away from mine. I'm moving forward, razing city after city, and they just run. The only challenge left is to rotate the hordes and make sure they replenish, and if possible find a nice border to camp on. I'm not waging a war anymore, the game has become Steamroller Simulator AD 417. In 100+ turns I have only fought 2-3 field battles.

My economy is fine - I have 150 000 denarii, I lose 2-3k per turn if the hun-ball is gathered together, but looting returns more than half of this loss. I have only 2 hordes currently growing, and I don't really want more, because of the tax penalty and having to worry about keeping them safe. Even if I do park a horde in the middle of the Eastern Steppes, the AI will send death squads to take it out, and then it's a cat and mouse chase across empty lands.

What do I do to make the White Huns campaign look like a proper war, twcenter? Any CAI mods out there that fix this?