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    This is an overhaul of Clan Angrund to make the faction feel more unique. It ties in more closely to the lore of Belegar Ironhammer and his life long quest to reclaim the lost fortress of Karak Eight Peaks so that he may take up his rightful seat on the throne as the last living heir.

    Clan Angrund has a much larger focus on dominating the underway tunnels. Belegar is known for always being on the move behind enemy lines. Close enough to bait foolish goblins to chase him, but far enough ahead to leave traps and ambush his pursuers before they realize it is them who is being hunted. Belegar's skill tree reflects these tactics as well as his heavy use of rangers and miners to carry out his grand plans. It also expresses his lifelong grudge against the greenskins. A hatred which is unmatched by any other living dwarf.

    Steam Workshop Download Link

    Change log 1.01
    -Adjusted Karak Eight Peaks
    -Polished several UI and game play aspects
    -Fixed all but 1 skill description (still giving me trouble)

    Change log 1.00:
    -Overhauled Belegar and Runelord skills
    -Rebalanced bolt thrower

    7 new units:
    Melee Units
    -Dwarf Halberdiers
    -Irondrake Halberdiers
    -Miners of the Deep
    -Elder Thanes

    Missile Units
    -Heavy Thunderers
    -Tunnel Sweepers
    -Dwarf Marksmen

    To-do list:
    -Fix the description of Belegars skill Miners Caste: +infantry armor skill

    Recommended Mods to go with this one:
    -Dwarven shields - Gold and Silver II - UPDATED
    -Better AI Recruitment and Army Composition
    -Better Camera Mod
    -Building Progression Icons
    -Karak Kadrin Slayers
    -Varied Generals

    -Created by Gruzuk

    The new dwarven units were based on:
    -Glory Mod: Dwarfs by MajorSpankage
    -Additional Dwarf Units by JohnDillinger

    Go visit them if you want to see the rest of their fantastic units and mods, and please be sure to give them a like while you are there. The units that are included in the Clan Angrund Overhaul are completely re-balanced and do not represent the units from the packs above other than their visuals.
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