I'm trying to create an "expansion" for Minor Factions Revange MOD, making a Libertalia Mod inspired by Uncharted 4.
So i was trying to make my first own pack(just trying one unit) but when i click on the "Empire: Total War - Shortcut", after the Logo, it "Stopped workig":

1) I've created the "diffuse", "normal" and "gloss" .dds texture files at DXT5 8bpp,

2) I've followed THIS tutorial step by step.

3) I haven't any Conflicts except for the localisation.loc file but i think it's normal.

4) I've setted my pack file as 'Movie'.

5) I'm sure it's my pack because if i remove it, the game starts normally.

Someone can tell me why my pack doesn't work?

There are some pics if they could help you:
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: