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Thread: How do you launch this mod with Steam?

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    Default How do you launch this mod with Steam?

    I'm trying to launch this mod with steam. How do I do it? First of all no one actually made it clear on how, which is really frustrating.
    By chance I noticed they said "You can play with Anatolian_principalites.bat", which I then had to guess that's what you put in launch options. But I don't like to guess, since things could be always more straight forward when better explanation is used in instructions.
    Anyways, I got the error "Medieval 2 has suffered fatal error and will now exit". The only time I would get that error was with darthmod, and that was caused by a broken file you had to remove. So does this mod have a broken file too?
    I tried using both Anatolian_principalites.bat and Anatolian_Principalites.bat with capital P, because the file in the mods folder is Anatolian_Principalites. Also CA said to use the --features.mod=mods/ code and type the name of the mod folder you are trying to launch EXACTLY how it looks in the mod folder, so since there is a capital P, but at the same time they tell us to use small p ,its confusing..
    I tried using that code too, but it's useless it only bugs the game. Guess each mod has its own code and CA's information is useless, that's another mystery that's been baffling me.
    So what's the big secret in playing this mod, which is so simple no one else seems to be the slightly confused and asks about it?

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    Default Re: How do you launch this mod with Steam?

    Wow well it is very nice checking out this post randomly after 2 months, with 270 views and no one explains on how to even play this mod.
    The only reason I felt bad about this is because when I downloaded the mod I was very short on disk space and this has been the only Medieval 2 mod I have ever loaded in 7 different files. Your organisation should also be commended.
    What a shame, because I always admired modders and their work. Too bad all this effort goes up in thin air when most new visitors don't even get to play it. I will probably go now and uninstall those 7 archives to use the space for mods that can be played at least.

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    As a pretty dated mod nobody really cares to look into much anymore, it's unfortunate but not unexpected that I come in 2 years later and only because I'm traveling through the various sections to get as many mods as I can.

    Most of the time the issue is solved by duplicating medieval2.exe and calling the copy kingdoms.exe, but a CTD on first startup is usually more indicative of an installation error or something else incompatible. If the install was correct, then the way to troubleshoot this would be to list the steps you took or verify one by one the steps you took in what installation guide you used. Suffice to say, it's not really the mod's fault, unless your download was corrupted. That would be a good outcome, as you can pretty much just redownload and the next time try not to be doing too much online in the meantime to avoid screwing up the stream.

    A couple files are known to screw up mod startup, like the geography db or map.rwm, and removing those (if present) isn't a bad idea. Wiping out the .strings.bin files also doesn't hurt if you don't want to go through the whole business of checking your install process and are certain you've done it right.

    All going well, the features tag for launching is not necessary at all, nor is the file's batch name relevant as it's the path that is in the batch that matters (it points to the config file, which in turn points to the mod folder name). If those line up, the batch name doesn't matter, and unless you screwed up vanilla, you will not have a CTD when this is an issue - instead, the vanilla game will launch.

    I'm not expecting any kind of answer, just commenting for posterity if someone else has a similar issue and is running through the sections.

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