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Thread: Creating a World - Moving Steam's Game Library

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    Default Creating a World - Moving Steam's Game Library

    IntroductionThere are several reasons for moving a game's Steam library to another drive, the specific ones for M2TW have to do with the length of the path and primarily with interference of the Virtual Store mechanics. The path length is known to create problems when it exceeds a certain number of characters to the textures of the battle model's attachment which can be excessively long in a default Steam installation, 139 characters in this example:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total  War\mods\[mod name]\data\unit_models\attachmentsets\[texture  name].texture
    It also helps with campaign map lag\AI turn time in some cases. The other reason is the Virtual Store mechanism which has a tendency to copy files into a hidden directory and then ignore any further update, the principle is explained here.
    The process is fairly simple and requires a spare drive with sufficient free space to contain the M2TW installation plus some basic files for Steam.

    Creating the Library FolderIf you have already a Steam Library folder on a separate drive then proceed with the Moving the Folder part.

    Open your Steam interface and click on 'Steam' and then select 'Settings.
    Click for Pic
    Select 'Downloads' and then click 'STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS'
    Click for Pic
    Click for Pic
    Select a drive from the drop down list, you cannot select your present drive.
    Click for Pic
    1. Click on 'NEW FOLDER'
    2. Enter a short descriptive folder name, even StLib will do
    3. Click 'OK'
    4. Click 'SELECT'
    Click for Pic
    Your new Library Folder has been added. Click 'CLOSE' to exit
    Click for Pic

    Moving the Folder
    Open your Steam interface and select the 'Library' heading, right click the 'Medieval II Total War' game and then select 'Properties'
    Click for Pic
    Click the 'LOCAL FILES' tab and then select 'MOVE INSTALL FOLDER'
    Click for Pic
    The drop down list should display your recently created folder (or a choice of previously created folders), make sure to select the correct one and then click 'MOVE FOLDER'
    Click for Pic
    A window with a progress bar will keep you updated on the process
    Click for Pic
    Once complete make sure you have a success message and then click 'CLOSE' - else confirm the old Library folder in the drop down and click 'MOVE FOLDER' to reverse the process.
    Click for Pic

    Updating Desktop Shortcuts
    The moving of the Library folder will invalidate all your M2TW shortcuts but it is rather simple to fix this issue.
    1.Right click your desktop shortcut and choose 'Properties'
    2.Change the redmarked 'Target' entry to match your drive and folder name as displayed in the 'Your new Library Folder has been added' step above, example:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\my_mod\executable.bat"
    3. Change the 'Start In' entry in the same way
    4. Click 'Apply' and click 'OK'

    Removing Virtual Store EntriesWhile moving the Steam library prevents future interference from the Virtual Store mechanics there may already be entries in there that could interfere after moving the Steam Library. The credit for the following paragraph goes to SigniferOne.

    Unhiding the Folders

    • Go to 'My Computer' and then click 'Alt' Key on your keyboard to bring up the Menu bar.
    • Then then click on Tools>Folder options (Shown below) and a pop up box will appear.
      Path to Folder Options (Click)
    • Another fast way to find the 'Folder Options' is to use the search box from the start menu. Simply type "folder options" in the search field and the first result should be the Folder Options shortcut. Click on the it or press the Enter key to open it. Go to the View tab (Shown below) and make the settings you want.
      Folder Options Box (Click)
    • Select the show hidden files option and press ok

    Deleting the Virtual Store Folder
    Open your browser and go to the C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files folder and delete the Medieval II Total War folder if it exists.
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