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Thread: I am new to Total War and have bought Rome 2. I have some questions about units, armies & agents, would someone be willing to answer them?

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    Icon5 I am new to Total War and have bought Rome 2. I have some questions about units, armies & agents, would someone be willing to answer them?

    Currently I am playing my first campaign as Rome and I am having some troubles finding information therefore I am asking it here.

    1. What is a good Roman army composition for battles in the field?
    2. What would be a good siege composition, are siege units worth it?
    3. Should I only use heavy inf/cav or also light inf/cav?
    4. What is the benefit of using different types of cavalry and how do these different cavalry units work?
    5. Should I use spears or swords as the main body of my army?
    6. What is the best way to rank up generals/admirals?
    7. What is the best way to rank up dignitaries/spies/champions?
    8. What are the best build for dignitaries/spies/champions?

    Currently I focus spies on sabotage, dignitaries on culture conversion and champions on army training.
    9. When is it worth to re-buy units, for example trading in Rorarii which have high experience for new Triarii?
    10. What is the best Roman fleet composition?
    11. Is building libraries worth it for research rate or is solely building Minerva Temples worth it?
    In regards to army compositions money is not an issue. I making about 10.000 gold per turn.

    Thanks in advance for any provided answers. Furthermore apologies if these are stupid questions, im totally new to Total War Rome 2 and have no clue about a specific meta.
    Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

    Any answers or links which could answer my questions would be great. Currently I have been unable to find a satisfying answer to the questions mentioned above.

    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: I am new to Total War and have bought Rome 2. I have some questions about units, armies & agents, would someone be willing to answer them?

    1/2. To combine some of these questions, once I can afford a few armies, I usually have a dedicated siege army with around 4 trebuchets and infantry and a few archers to follow a field army. I don't use any siege in my normal armies, since I don't think they provide as much value as an additional unit. As for the field army, 12 infantry, 4 cavalry, 4 archers/skirmishers is a good default build, but you can make almost anything work, so it depends what you like running with more. I wrote a quick guide to tactics that really should be updated, but its ok if you have time to peruse.

    3/4. It depends on your enemy and what you're trying to do with them, they each have their uses, light cavalry will lose to heavy in a straight up fight, but are more maneuverable. One of my favorite tactics is to deploy spearmen behind light cav to bait a heavy cavalry attack, and then pull the light cavalry back to safety. I also like being cost conscious too, since more armies are really nice for multifront wars as opposed to higher cost units. Assuming you can achieve victory with the lower cost units of course.

    5. I like having a couple spears on the flanks, or as a reserve depending how I want to fight the battle, but swords are better for killing infantry, and the spear throw is incredibly powerful from the roman sword infantry.

    6/7/8. I'm not incredibly sure, but use them often, and successfully, and they seem to level up enough. At default speed, they tend to die of old age incredibly fast, so don't get too attached.

    9. Whenever you can afford it.

    10. I don't fight my sea battles, so I just mix units and autoresolve. That being said, I like to keep logistics simple, so just like land armies, I usually don't have more than 4 types of units in my navies.

    11. I play with mods, so I can't really remember, but I usually build a few.

    Good luck and have fun!

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