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    Hello, big fan of the tw series here, havn't posted here in a while, I think last time I was here was for medieval 2 third age mod but now I'm back on rome 2 waiting on third age mod for Attila.

    I've been having fun doing multiplayer battles lately and I'm curious of your opinion on my tactics.

    In this video (french commentary/commentaires en francais), I'm fighting against a Carthagian Commander with hoplites, pikes and elephants.

    Myself I'm commanding Roman forces mostly composed of legionnaries, cavalry and syrian archers, I was quite worried at the sight of elephants with no spear units in my ranks but luckily enough I managed to kill them all with little loss and then surround the ennemy forces.

    What do you think of my legionnaries cohort formations before contact?

    Just before that battle, I played one as egypt vs rome and I used pikes that completely destroyed romans legionnaries so I was worried mine would be destroyed in this battle but somehow they wern't.

    I think Rome 2 is one of the most balanced multiplayer experience you can have on total war. I remember in shogun 2 when a few hero units could destroy like 2000 normal troops.
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