Currently I am playing my first campaign as Rome and I am having some troubles finding information therefore I am asking it here.

  1. What is a good Roman army composition for battles in the field?
  2. What would be a good siege composition, are siege units worth it?
  3. Should I only use heavy inf/cav or also light inf/cav?
  4. What is the benefit of using different types of cavalry and how do these different cavalry units work?
  5. Should I use spears or swords as the main body of my army?
  6. What is the best way to rank up generals/admirals?
  7. What is the best way to rank up dignitaries/spies/champions?
  8. What are the best build for dignitaries/spies/champions?

Currently I focus spies on sabotage, dignitaries on culture conversion and champions on army training.
9. When is it worth to re-buy units, for example trading in Rorarii which have high experience for new Triarii?
10. What is the best Roman fleet composition?
11. Is building libraries worth it for research rate or is solely building Minerva Temples worth it?
In regards to army compositions money is not an issue. I making about 10.000 gold per turn.

Thanks in advance for any provided answers. Furthermore apologies if these are stupid questions, im totally new to Total War Rome 2 and have no clue about a specific meta.
Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

Any answers or links which could answer my questions would be great. Currently I have been unable to find a satisfying answer to the questions mentioned above.

Kind regards,