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    Just got the Steam versions of STW and MTW and cannot find my old manuals. Has anybody got lists of the Hotkeys? There is one on the downloads page for MTW but it is the one for MTW II. I know there was a hot key for MTW that hilighted the see zones you had passage through. Cant remember it but it sure was handy! Thanks

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    I don't know if Steam is the same as the original, but I'll run thorugh some useful ones:

    <shift> - highlight provinces (loyalty traffic-light colours)
    V - highlight sea regions
    C - toggle castles on/off
    X, Z - toggle between piece types and owners (forget which way round)

    Battle map:
    +, - Tilt camera
    *, / Raise/lower camera
    ctrl-A, -C, -M, -H select all, cavalry, missiles, melee

    RMB - point camera at selected point

    If all else fails, give the tutorial a run through - that reveals most of this stuff.

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    Thanks that is just what I needed!

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    I see now there is a list of Hot keys in the MTW 1 FAQ Sticky above

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