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Thread: General MKTW Moderation Warning

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    Default General MKTW Moderation Warning

    Due to several incidents with threads spiralling out of control in the recent months, something neither the mod team nor moderation is too happy about, moderation is issuing a general warning on the discussion in this subforum. The next time a discussion lands on the wrong track moderation will take further action towards the derailing members. People are of course still encouraged to provide information and debate on it, it is what this place is for and I'm sure the mod team greatly appreciates your contributions. This is however not the place to get out the nationalistic pride and hostile attitudes or to continuously spam the same questionable content over and over.

    Some points of attention to prevent derailed discussions again:
    - Stick to the topic of the thread, if the topic is a certain faction do not drag in another faction.
    - You can critisise posts, you cannot attack the poster.
    - Hostility only provokes more hostility and will only lead to the thread derailing. If you're unable to debate in a calm and civil manner it is best to keep out of the discussion.
    - This is not a competition, you don't have to best other members and show your superiority, just present your point of view.
    - Listen to what the mod team and local mods say, it is their mod after all. If they tell you to stop something you do so. If you disagree with the local mods you can take up the issue with moderation.
    - I'd furthermore like to stress that you should be careful with copyrighted material in general and Osprey pics in particular, as they will be removed.

    Lastly I'd like to point out that if warman has to babysit the discussions here on this forum he has less time to spend modding.

    Cheers for your attention and compliance,

    TWC Moderator
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    Default Re: General MKTW Moderation Warning

    Thanks lolIsuck. I would like to add on to this warning:

    - Do NOT post off-topic posts and threads. If it is just with modding in general or the like, post it on the corresponding sub-forum on TWC.
    - Do NOT topic spam! This is a big one recently. For example, we have TWO dedicated video threads for posting videos. I appreciate the coverage people give but your channel is not important enough to be topic spammed, no ones is. The MK Team uses those threads, so should you. We have plenty of sticky threads for balancing, campaign, troubleshooting, other inquires you may have. Please keep it to the stickies.

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    Default Re: General MKTW Moderation Warning

    So I want to add another part to this: Please do not post spam, there is an edit button for a reason, please use it. To clarify, double, triple, etc posts bog down the forum and I think it actually breaks the ToS so please just use the edit button or maybe exercise some patience and wait for a reply!

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