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Thread: [Feedback] Questions, Critiques and Requests for 1.2

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    Getting back to playing a bit of DeI and I was just wondering if the team has/is considering adding one of the alpine gauls as a playable faction, think it'd be pretty neat. Noricum as you all probably know provided iron to Rome and Caesar fought the Helvetii at the start of his gallic campaign, so those would be the two obvious candidates. They've already got some units (which I found myself matching poorly against as Scordisci) and just adding a few more would make for a decent faction IMO.

    Related to that, what's up with the Cimbri? Are they going to remain incomplete (missing political parties, no voice lines, no tech pre-researched, no starting spy) or is that being worked on?

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    I have wondering would it be possible to play a little with the feature of how enemy units are being detected and identified in the campaign map. I recall that in harder difficulty settings they are almost always unknown even when you march to battle against them. So if it could be possible to set the enemy armies be unknown always until you scout the with a spy or see then in game literally in battle would be quite cool thing to try at least in multiplayer campaign. Or maybe even tie the ability to see and identify enemy units to a generals skill tree. However I am not sure if it is possible to detach this feature from the difficulty setting or even modify it at all
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    Double post

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    is there a way that i can use this: "Additionally all animations were swapped to only use spears in combat." without the actual mod? ( I really like standard DEI hoplites but they use swords all the time and I want them to only use spear but without this mod... is it possible? Is there any way I can edit some files or something?

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    Since the in game bug forces you to have a military alliance before you can cancel military access (or declare war) could the military access pacts you begin with be removed? For example, Syracuse starts with a military access with Epirus, and if you choose to try to win over Rome by breaking pacts, you still get the diplomacy negative "treaties with Epirus -26" or whatever unless you either declare war, or upgrade your alliance (moving your diplomacy in the wrong direction). Maybe just have a "gifts given to Epirus" or defensive alliance to replicate the high friendship at the beginning?
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    Should warships and navies in general be a bit cheaper? I have come to think about this since the warships still are not that much superior to transport ships, specifically archers and infantry transports and they will often lose if they end up being boarded. Ramming is the one huge advantage they have and it is deadly, but the it is really expensive to maintain even a single navy and the operations a navy can do are a bit limited since even smaller garrisons can pretty much fight them off since the warships crews are often twice smaller than land units. I rarely use navies since they just eat all my income which is almost always better used in land armies. I would propose maybe 20%-25% price decrease at least in upkeep for warships to encourage their use, however I don't know how this would effect the AI's behavior to better or worse but for at least human player it would be a decent change.

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    Navies were historically very expensive. I think this should remain the way it is currently.

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    Syracuse: Samnite Medium Infantry or Syracusan Marines? The marines aren't in the custom battle roster, and I wanted to see which unit was better.
    Actually, it would be cool to have an AOR "faction" for custom battles, just to have access to all of them in one place.
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