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Thread: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.5b - Updated December 31

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    Default [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera 1.2.5b - Updated December 31

    1.2.5 Version:

    Part 1 - Download (Mirror)
    Part 2 - Download (Mirror)
    *Standalone requires both parts!

    Steam Version: Divide et Impera Steam Collection

    - Compatible with Patch 20 game patch. All future updates will be save compatible unless stated otherwise.

    Previous Version Downloads
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1.2.4b Version
    Part 1 - Download (Mirror)
    Part 2 - Download (Mirror)

    1.2.3 Version:
    Part 1: Download (Mirror)
    Part 2: Download (Mirror)

    Part 1: Download (Mirror)
    Part 2: Download (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)

    Divide et Impera Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera Part 2 (Mirror)


    Divide et Impera Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera Part 2 (Mirror)

    Collection of 1.2 Previews

    1.2.5b Fix Update December 31
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save Game Compatible

    New Alexander Submod Update (Preview)
    - Marshals of Alexander released! Special historical characters now available for recruitment.
    - Some additions to Persian roster.
    - Alexander should now only be wounded in battles rather than killed (new campaign only)

    Battle Changes
    - Added AI bracing for infantry without ranged weapons.
    - Lowered the power of elephant and cavalry charge
    - Shield melee defence increased by 1, missile block chance increased by 5%
    - Lowered overall morale penalties for casualties, increased morale penalty when 75% of starting troops are either routed or dead
    - Fixed game bug where elephants without towers have 50% of HP of elephants with towers

    Supply System Changes
    The changes here are intended to make the supply system a bit more meaningful and impactful during campaigns.
    - Slightly lowered the base resupply values and total supply caps for all regions.
    - Increased supply consumption, especially when an army is foraging (making supply lines more important).
    - Decreased starting supply values in all regions (new campaigns only)

    RoR Rosters
    - Changed the Nuragic roster in the RoR campaign to use their own units rather than Celtic units.
    - Updated various units in Roman, Italian and Greek rosters to use some of the newer assets.

    New Belgic Remi Heavy Cavalry Unit
    - New unit added to the Nervii roster in CiG and the Grand Campaign.
    - Preview of the new unit can be seen here:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Other Changes/Fixes

    - Fixed various ancillaries missing proper database entries from vanilla. Hopefully fixes some of the issues where ancillaries get assigned but don't show up.
    - Updated Rome, Ardiaei, Cimbri and various other unit cards.
    - Changed various effects for agent background skills to remove old/unused effects.
    - Changed Athens AOR unit from Thorax to Thureos to better match the local roster.
    - Fixed Caledonian heavy horse unit not being recruitable in campaign.
    - Small buff to barbarian war hall and port building effects.
    - Added new text tooltips for unit upgrade button to better help explain the system.
    - Fixed various bodyguard units missing proper unit sets so that attributes will properly work on them.
    - Slightly lowered CAI budget for navies.
    - Fixed the commander trait giving ammunition bonuses to non-missile troop types.
    - Fixed Numidians being able to recruit Ethiopian Spearmen unit.
    - Lowered diplomatic bonus from releasing troops (previously set too high)
    - Fixed some starting Seleucid and Ardiaei generals being able to recruit the wrong bodyguard units (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Etruscan marines missing javelins and 2 nomad units missing leggings.

    - Thanks yet again to sourav for all the unit card work!
    - KAM for all the hard work on battles and generally keeping me sane.
    - Seleukos and Jake for the amazing work on the new Marshals update!


    1.2.5a Fix Update September 30
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible

    Battle Changes
    - Lowered a bit cavalry and elephant mass for charge damage calculation
    - Changed stats of Illyrian cav and some infantry units
    - Buffed stats of Arverni and Nervi cavalry
    - Fixed wrong horses assigned to Cimbri cavalry (from light to medium and heavy horses)

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - Added new Rome, Pergamon, Seleucid, Medewi and Sparta unit cards from sourav. Huge thanks!!
    - Fixed Illyrian Hoplite spearmen having wrong animation type.
    - Fixed a mistake in the Armenian Nakharar unit VMD file causing an issue with animations.
    - Fixed Roxolani Armored Lancers missing arms.
    - Fixed Corsica and Sardinian emergent faction rebel faction names being reversed.
    - Fixed Athenian Thureos Infantry, Infantry and Sparta Allied units being wrong pop size/class.
    - Improved effects of silk and amber road trade route regional effects. Extended silk road further toward Mesopotamia.
    - Fixed Roman and Hellenic small and large military port garrisons having the wrong sizes.
    - Fixed missing name for new Dacian special capital when held by Eastern factions.
    - Fixed Cimbri units having wrong formation type (hoplite phalanx instead of shield wall)
    - Added testudo, square and repel cavalry formations to Polybian units missing them.
    - Reduced Cimbri foot nobles armor and attack a bit.
    - Fixed German pike unit having wrong population size.
    - Added proper artillery recruitment for Getae and Ardiaei factions.
    - Updated Imperial Armored Legionaries description.
    - Fixed Cimbri not being playable in multiplayer.
    - Fixed Mercenary Scythian Armored Horse Archers having wrong unit card.
    - Changed "Release Captives" to "Ransom Captives"
    - Fixed Mac Wars Sparta having extra garrison units, added special tier 5 barracks.
    - Fixed tier 1 Illyrian Medaurus temple having wrong upkeep cost.
    - Fixed Lugii having wrong building for Victory Condition (new campaign only)
    - Removed some AOR units from Odyrssian custom battle roster to match campaign roster.

    - sourav for the wonderful unit cards! Thanks again!

    1.2.5 Release August 3
    *Both Part 1 and Part 2 updated
    *Save game compatible

    New Scenario Submod Campaign - Alexander!
    - Head over to the Submod section to find the download thread for an entirely new scenario submod featuring the conquests of Alexander the Great.

    Cimbri Overhaul & Playable Faction (Preview)
    - New playable faction - the Cimbri! Now playable in campaign and custom battle.
    - Completely new roster overhaul included.

    Ardiaei Overhaul (Preview)
    - Entirely new roster for the Ardiaei.
    - Older Illyrian units have been kept for AI rosters to add variety.
    - Some older units moved to faction only AOR units for Illyrians.
    - Added major military port to Ardiaei minor starting settlement.

    Medewi Overhaul (Preview)
    - Multiple new units added.
    - Visual overhaul for other units.

    Sparta & Pergamon Visual Overhaul (Preview)
    - All new visual overhaul for many units in these rosters, especially elites.
    - Hellenic generals updated with new appearances.
    - New and older resources used to improve various visuals.

    Miscellaneous Unit Changes
    - Over 200 units redone in various rosters to bring them up to date with newer assets and textures.
    - Rosters redone include Italian, Arabian, Belgian, British, Celtic, Nabatean, Nomadic, Veneti and various AOR units.
    - New Thureos unit for Egypt - Linen Cataphract.
    - New unit cards added for Armenia

    New Faction Traits
    - Various new faction traits for custom DeI factions have been added. Old traits have been overhauled to remove copied and underused traits with more unique and historically accurate ones.
    - Factions changed include Edetani, Scordisci, Kartli, Masaesyli, Medewi, Caledones, Iweriu, Atropatkan and Syracuse.

    New Resource
    - Added amber to northern Germanic regions. It is produced by the region effect like spices and is fully tradeable.
    - New amber trade route effects added to various regions going south.
    - It should now be possible to complete the "own every resource" economic victory condition.

    New Special Capital
    - Dacian special capital has been added, Zarmizegetusa (new campaign only)
    - Special bonus to diplomacy with Dacian factions when city is owned.

    Population System Changes
    - Slight increase to 1st class bonus when below minimum amount.
    - Small reduction to overcrowding impact on 1st class.
    - Reduced overall immigration movement by all classes.

    - Bread & Games: Decreased food cost, increased public order bonus.
    - Migration: Added building time reduction.
    - Foreign Customs: Increased public order bonus.
    - Romanization: Small increase to cultural conversion, added building time reduction.
    - Sell Food: Increased income from ports, agriculture and livestock buildings. Small increase to food used.
    - Buy Food: Increased food and growth from trade buildings and ports.
    - Call to Arms: Increased recruitment cost reduction and replenishment. Added 1 recruitment slot bonus and small public order negative.

    - Decreased upkeep negatives on military training technologies.
    - Increased levy upkeep bonuses on final military training technologies.
    - Increased ship technology bonuses in the military training tree.
    - Build time reduction added to some later siege engineering technologies.

    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed a multitude of incorrect cavalry weapon entries.
    - Fixed incorrect mass assigned to many cavalry units - this caused some units to underperform compared to their overall charge bonus and heavy appearance.
    - Changed appearance of few horses of Maurya and changed their speed
    - Fixed incorrect charge defence attribute of Appulian Infantry
    - Sacred Band cavalry slightly nerfed
    - Slithgly buffed AP damage of spears
    - Small buff to Spartan unit HP
    - Tweaks to hoplite phalanx, overall Hoplite units are more usefull in early game but are outclassed by late game infantry like Thorakitai
    - Lowered intervals between melee attack from 4 to 3 seconds
    - Charge bonus buffed a bit
    - Wardogs buffed in assault roles and against light units
    - Buffed elite Gallic and Germanic cav
    - Buffed elite Germanic swordsmen
    - Small buff to hellenic sword unit damage

    Balancing Changes/Fixes
    - Added various DLC factions to major faction autoresolve bonus background script.
    - Added small naval garrisons for other cultures to special ports.
    - Increased and matched income for minor and major Barbarian goldsmith buildings. Slightly lowered for agricultural industry buildings tier 4.
    - Renamed regions to match city names since regional distinctions are no longer used in the game's UI.
    - Added tier 3 medicus/academy buildings in minor towns to intelligence trait improvement triggers.
    - Lowered Mercenary elephant respawn rates (new campaign only)
    - Added new army spawn scripts in Macedonian Wars campaign for AI Macedon and Rome.
    - Added new specialized effects for tier 3 and 4 Foreign Quarter buildings based on culture type.
    - Added new banner for pirate faction (thanks to Jake for the banner!)
    - Changed confederation names for various barbarians factions.

    Other Fixes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - Changed text for experience recruitment level (generals) to make it clear its only for newly recruited ones.
    - Added new conditions to ancillary triggers to help prevent garrison commanders from triggering the scripts (vanilla bug). Thanks to Jake for the idea.
    - Changed faction number for a RoR civil war faction because it matched one from our emergent factions.
    - Changed population class for Mauryan longbowmen.
    - Reduced upkeep bonus for AI HatG factions.
    - Fixed Bow of Artemis ancillary having 2 food effects.
    - Added attribute effects for generals above level 20 in case effects increase them that high. Thanks to Jake for the idea.
    - Edited some attribute effects at higher levels.
    - Removed wedge formation from Mauryan infantry unit.
    - Fixed Scipio Praetorian unit missing Stamina ability.
    - Slighly improved siege engineer and master of artillery ancillary effects.
    - Fixed Eastern military academy tier 3 not properly giving experience.
    - Fixed spy False Supplier trait effect text
    - Added missing population effects to iron trade settlement buildings for Greek and Roman factions.
    - Fixed Mercenary berserker units having ranged weapon entries.
    - Fixed missing trait effects for some special Roman traits in the RoR campaign.
    - Fixed Germanic Night Hunters missing from tier 4 slave building recruitment.
    - Fixed some buildings having incorrect effect values when damaged.
    - Fixed Sabaean Nobles having wrong voice entry.
    - Fixed Edetani Nobles having wrong population size.
    - Lowered armor for Libyan Mercenary unit.
    - Removed two units from the Iweriu roster that were there in error.
    - Moved various Lusitani units to different building tiers, fixed some missing entries.
    - Changed Lusitani Shock infantry unit to tier 1 population.

    - Agrez and KAM for the Sparta and Pergamon overhauls.
    - Ritter-Floh for all the amazing overhauls and unit updates.
    - Benjin for various visual assets.
    - assurbanippal for creating the new maces and various shields
    - Dontfearme22 and the AoB Team for a lot of models/textures. Please check the Age of Bronze mod, it's an amazing project and the units are very well done!
    - The Meroitic Language and Writing System by Claude Rilly and Alex de Voogt for some new unit names (all unit names were held in proto-nubian)
    - The Wise Coffin for creating the native language unit names
    - LinusLinothorax for his research and help
    - Thanks to sourav for new Armenian unit cards
    - The AE team for inspiration and ideas
    - Jake_Armitage for banners and various ideas
    - DMW for the faction trait ideas, screenshots and help
    - Huge thanks to Seleukos, Matelagnier and all the Discord testers who helped with Alexander in many different ways.
    - Thanks to everyone who gave good feedback on edicts including kpagcha and PietrolEremita.
    - Alexander main image and loading screens from the screenshot thread - thanks to KAM, thesmoosh, Icarus Smicarus, DMW and others.

    Mod Credits, Previews, Links and Awards
    See this thread

    Common Problems/Bugs

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    If you are experiencing crashes then the following should help:
    1. Clean out your data folder found in the Rome 2 install folder for Steam. Various mods can be active even without activating them in mod manager.
    2. Most other mods are not compatible with DeI so deactivate/remove them. Some submods may still cause issues.
    3. Reverify the game in steam to check local file integrity.
    4. Make sure you have patch 17 not 16 beta for the game itself.
    5. If none of that works, try deleting the Rome2.exe file found in the Rome 2 directory and reverifying your game cache in Steam.

    Known Bugs/Issues
    - Some region effect bundle icons will disappear when there are too many region effects. This is a UI limitation in the base game.
    - Sometimes a building's effects and descriptions will appear as a large blank box, due to resolution restrictions.
    - If you enter Patrol Region stance directly outside a city, you can enter the city in the stance. This is considered "cheating".
    - Fleets reduce public order when in ports but that is not displayed on the calculated UI number. A pop up advice message will inform you of the amount.
    - Sometimes the growth bar will go over the top of the population number in the region window.
    - The battle map for Crete in the Grand campaign and IA campaign is bugged. Nothing we can do about it. Our workaround for now is to use a walled settlement map.

    Other Information

    Installation Guide
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Installation instructions
    Use only ONE of these versions, NOT both:

    Steam Version
    All 3 parts are needed to play the game! Be sure that you have all of them downloaded.
    1. Subscribe to the parts in Steam Workshop.
    2. Start Rome II and be sure all six are checked green in the Mod Manager (they should by default).
    3. Play the game.

    TWC Version
    1. Download the mod packs from the above link.
    2. Extract the content (with 7-Zip, WinRar or similar program) into the data folder (...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data)
    3. Start Rome II.
    3. In Mod Manager, check "enable out of date mods."
    4. In Mod Manager be sure that the both Part 1 and Part 2 of the standalone packs are checked green.
    5. Play the game.

    Mod Compatibility Information
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Divide et Impera includes in itself these mods (in personalized form):
    Hegemonia, TTT, Meaningful Resources, Ancient Colors

    *Using camera mods, other script mods, or startpos mods (Turn per year, etc) will break Divide et Impera's various custom systems.

    Sub-mods for DeI can be found in this subforum.

    Other mods that can be used with DeI:
    - Graphics mods such as GEM, Aztec's lighting and blood mods.
    - Music mods

    Mods that are NOT compatible with DeI:
    Startpos mods (TPY, All Factions Playable, other overhauls).
    Script mods (camera mods, etc)
    All mods that change battle dynamics.
    All mods that change campaign dynamics.
    All external unit packs.

    Previous Update Notes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    1.2.4b Fix Update Mar 12
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible

    Battle Changes
    - Additional tweaks to pike and hoplite balance
    - Fixed bugged damage for height advantage (caused x2 damage to unit even on smallest slope), replaced with 15% damage bonus for a unit fighting downhill
    - Elephants rebalanced – they will die slower from javelins but can be killed easier in prolonged melee, charge left unchanged, melee kill ratio slowed down
    - Fixed bug with light cavalry taking huge losses when being charged by heavier cavalry
    - Skirmishers are easier targets for cavalry
    - Added knockback effect to pilum (major) and other javelins (minor)
    - Multiple tweaks to unit HP, armour, damage and charge values
    - Multiple tweaks to unit stats
    - Slight nerf to Parthian elite infantry units

    Ancillaries Update
    - Redid a lot of the technical parts of household triggers and db entries. This should help fix some of the bugs with ancillaries. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a base vanilla bug that causes some ancillaries to trigger when they are not supposed to and then disappear.
    - Added over 70 new ancillaries to the mod.
    - Due to the technical revisions, some ancillaries may disappear from current saves due to different agent assignments.

    Agent Trait Changes
    - Agents still retain many of the traits that are gained through in game actions just as they are in vanilla.
    - These traits have had their effects changed to match the new agent actions and skills rather than the older effects from previous game versions.

    Balancing and Changes
    - Changed melee attack/defense bonuses from technologies to be for specific unit types based on culture.
    - Added various new loading screens - thanks to D*M*W and Malay Archer for the images!
    - Fixed a wrong variable governing the way a few minor factions deal strategically with other friendly factions.
    - Altered some unit cost/upkeep values to better reflect unit quality.
    - The Export Food edict now also affects livestock income.
    - Changed eastern army tradition level 1 to cavalry attack buff.
    - Slightly lowered illegitimate child chance.
    - Increased cost/upkeep for Silver Shield units back up to proper levels.
    - Lowered fertility effects on traits and added fertility effects to spouse ancillaries.
    - Lowered the chance of random plagues and how often they can occur.
    - Slight increase to some AI faction's chances of accepting vassalage.

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed Armenian generals missing their weapons in battle.
    - Fixed a Parthian general model missing his weapon.
    - Fixed Irish veteran warriors and Iberian Caellaci infantry having the wrong population cost.
    - Fixed 2 Armenian units and 2 Getae units having the wrong population class.
    - Fixed two Armenian units with disappearing weapons in combat.
    - Fixed typo in Mesopotamian Mercenary unit description.
    - Fixed Antioch special capital tier 4 missing Seleucid garrison unit.
    - Fixed starting CiG Roman armies having wrong bodyguard type (new campaign only)
    - Fixed incorrect grammar in Polybian Hastati description.
    - Moved two new Medewi units to tier 2 barracks.
    - Fixed bad texture on some Roman crests.
    - Fixed 2 Roman units having wrong audio assigned.
    - Fixed some special capitals missing proper set assignments.
    - Fixed Illyrian units and various naval units having a bugged standard bearer.
    - Fixed some AOR units missing a campaign cap.
    - Fixed province of Judea missing proper season assignments.
    - Fixed AOR Libyan cavalry unit missing javelin models.
    - Fixed scythian dagger ancillary increasing rather than decreasing action costs.
    - Fixed Egyptian wife and husband ancillaries increasing rather than decreasing research costs.
    - Changed Pergamon special garrison unit to a non reform unit.
    - Fixed various garrison units having ranged weapon entry assigned improperly.

    - Thanks to D*M*W and Malay Archer for many new loading screen images.

    1.2.4a Fix Update Jan 13
    *Only Part 1 Updated
    *Save game compatible

    Battle Changes
    - Increased spotting range across all classes on unrestricted ground.
    - Increased distance between attacker and defender deployment zones.
    - Ammo is now displayed on UI for shock and melee cav.

    Campaign and CAI Changes
    - Improved some of the issues with the AI sitting in player territory.
    - AI forces and invasions more willing to move across greater distances and different terrain types to attack the enemy or support friendly factions
    - Greater engagement and focus on the funds aspect of diplomacy now in regards to the AI (Funds allocated / demanded)
    - Agents will be used to slightly higher degree and the AI will dedicate a higher number finances to them at certain points
    - More dynamic and rational war declarations, as well as peace agreements.
    - Better balanced naval priority development and usage. Factions specialized with a naval military focus will dedicate more resources and effort to it. Others have received improved financial and priority tweaks to better fit their personality roles.
    - AI bonuses for naval costs and upkeep introduced depending on imperium and coincide with the other effects. This allows military naval based factions to have a more fair and level playing-field with others.
    - Acts of treachery will now have a bigger effect on diplomacy arena
    - Spotting forces on the campaign map is slightly harder and stacks will have a better chance of being hidden
    - Ambushing success chances increased for certain terrain types, as well as the occurrence of them
    - Larger AI factions will support smaller ones more - both diplomatically and militarily
    - Melee Attack and Defense effects have been altered for various skills, traits, traditions and ancillaries. Some of the effects have been made more specific and cultural based, while a few others have been changed. This was done to prevent stacking to a high level with the new lower stat system.
    - Changed many agent personality trait effects to use newer agent effects rather than older obsolete ones.
    - Increased cost/upkeep of Mercenary naval units to match new mercenary cost/upkeep values.

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed pike units having wrong pike models.
    - Fixed a vanilla bug where icons for bodyguard melee attack/defense buffs were reversed
    - Fixed some incorrect effect values.
    - Fixed Pergamon Thureos unit having wrong population class and size.
    - Fixed new Medewi archers missing from custom battle.
    - Fixed Armenian cavalry unit missing javelins.
    - Fixed African general having wrong appearance assigned.
    - Slight decrease to base fertility chance, slight increase to infant mortality rate.
    - Removed AOR Phrygian levy's phalanx formation since they are a basic spear unit.
    - Fixed barbarian storage building having wrong tech requirements.
    - Fixed Champion Militancy skill campaign movement buff.
    - Fixed some civil war factions missing proper uniform and banner color entries.

    1.2.4 Patch Notes
    *Both Parts 1 and 2 of the standalone mod have been updated!
    *Save game compatible.

    Battle Stats Overhaul Based on KAM's Experimental Pack
    - Extensive stat overhaul that makes them much easier to understand and compare.
    - Larger importance placed on unit armor and experience.
    - Added minimum amount of ranks per units type, no more “spaghetti” lines.
    - Battle AI overall has been improved in terms of AI decisions and strategy.
    - Formation attack has been removed to fix the issues with AI Roman units being underpowered in some situations and problems with animation teleporting.
    - Romans now have an ability that will allow them to hold formation.
    - Unit speed is now more streamlined and varied. Heavy and medium infantry are unable to sprint outside of charge, light infantry moves noticeably faster.
    - Overall, walking speed has been increased to avoid prolonged march or waiting for reinforcements
    - Spotting Distance Reworked – due to AI improvements in recent CA patches, AI does not benefit anymore from nearly unrestricted unit spotting. This patch how reworked has spotting works, making light units more useful due to their better scouting. Player will not be able to see enemy deployment, making your own deployment more important as you won’t be able to perfectly set your own units vs AI deployed units. Units with guerilla deployment and good hiding skills are more dangerous and useful.
    - Unit Cost Overhaul – units have their prices redone to match new changes to unit stats.
    - Various tweaks to unit UI and stat representation.
    - Spear and pike infantry are noticeably better at defending from cavalry charges.
    - Roman auxiliary cavalry is now working as a ranged/melee hybrid, skirmishing for a bit before closing in for a charge.
    - Single soldiers can be again attacked by multiple enemies, meaning melee is not restricted to 1v1 fights.
    - Wardogs reworked, they are very effective vs light units but very weak vs armoured units
    - Elephants a bit better in melee, morale slightly increased, armour slightly reduced
    - Elephant charge fixed – We have figured out a game issue that wouldn't allow elephants to cause significant damage, especially deadly vs light units
    - Chariot damage from charge figured out - Chariots deal better damage if they fight in deeper formation as following ranks ride over knocked down infantry, especially deadly vs light units
    - Ranged infantry is now much weaker vs cavalry charges
    - Lowered morale penalty for death of your commander during battle
    - Increased HP of buildings by 50%
    - Fixed floating dead horsemen bug for some cavalry units.
    - Short pikes are now better vs armoured units
    - Germanic pikes size increased from 200 to 300 due to being light, short pike unit

    CAI Overhaul by ScipioTheGreat
    Listed below is a brief overview of the changes and additions to the CAI with this rework. It is important to note that these are dependent on faction personality settings, probabilities, and a number of other general factors.
    - AI minimum success chance to attack: 25% -> 40%
    - Better financial/development management and decision making
    - Will utilize navies in a more beneficial way. Following action ratings have been increased:

    • Defend settlements
    • Protect strategic areas such as sea regions
    • Smarter and higher use of stances, and will raid/patrol in more decisive areas

    - Invasions and attack operations will be more frequent, powerful, and impactful on the campaign map

    • Bigger build up and larger groups used
    • Higher chance of fellow AI allies participating & providing support
    • Other Neutral/hostile factions will take advantage of the opportunities that arise from these events, and one can expect more war declarations and military actions against either the attacker, defender, or both

    - AI will exploit any windows of opportunity more frequently and aggressively. Strategic placement and defense is of much greater importance
    - Varying on the faction type and personality, Settlements are more likely to be the targets of attacks, and desirability to capture strategic regions has been raised
    - More effective stack management introduced:

    • Navies wont get stuck in far out sea areas
    • Pathfinding issue over land that caused stacks to get stuck while en-route to an objective has been fixed
    • Abnormal defense actions and retreat decisions fixed
    • AI will group stacks together to be used in various roles, such as defending, attacking, and movement actions
    • Minimum navy and army stack unit numbers increased

    - Nearby threats and events will see a higher chance of response by the AI. If the player is noticed building up and massing forces, the AI is more likely to provide response measures
    - Agent use and management reworked to be better balanced.

    • Used defensively more
    • Attack regional enemy agents
    • Support army forces and attack operations

    - More realistic and improved weighting values. Decision and action-making will be more appropriate and intelligent. The AI will take a number of reworked variables into consideration
    - Financial management changed to make the AI focus more on economical, military, and naval development and funding, instead of less important aspects

    • More naval spending
    • Lowered and balanced cost and reoccurring upkeep considerations
    • Increased Diplomatic funding slightly, and funding to be more viable for urgent and valuable agreements
    • Better long-term development decision making

    Traits Overhaul - See Preview
    - New Changing Traits that will increase and decrease based on in game actions and situations.
    - New Background Trait images that will help distinguish the different ones.
    - These traits will be added in save games and should be compatible.

    Armenian Appearance Update & Changes by Agrez - Preview
    - All Armenian units have had their looks updated with newer textures and assets.
    - Faction name, character names, population classes, party names, and faction leader title have all been changed to be more historically accurate.
    - Big thanks to Agrez for the appearance overhaul and Vardan for all the help with research and faction information.

    Ancillary Changes
    - Ancillaries have been moved to different slots. There are now 3 slot types: Equipment, Military Advisor and Civilian Advisor. In save games, some ancillaries may disappear but will reappear when the slot is changed the first time.

    Agent Skill Changes
    - Agent skill effects have been changed and reworked. Many older and obsolete effects have been replaced. Some ability unlocks have been moved to different skills.

    Pirates & Raiders
    - New Pirates mechanic! At various turns depending on the faction, pirates have a chance of spawning in traditional raider areas. So, watch out!

    New Medewi Units
    - 2 New Medewi units have been added for the ancient Kingdom of Kush. One is a very unique quilted cataphract unit and another is a noble archer unit.

    - Added season effects to the RoR DLC campaign. Armies should now have a bit less movement as intended.
    - Small reduction to party loyalty and sanitation effects from technologies.
    - Changed "squalor" public order effect to "unrest" instead to distinguish it from the sanitation/squalor system.
    - Changed faction group traits for Daco-thracian and Illyrian tribes to increased income from battle captives and increased detection of hidden armies and characters.
    - Changed one of Rhodes' faction traits to improve naval movement in campaign and battles.
    - Added some of the new Etruscan units from our RoR roster to the GC Etruscan roster.
    - Fixed Mercenary elephant units cost/upkeep being accidently lowered. They are now expensive again.
    - Changed Mauryan elephant unit armor to be more in line with other elephant units.
    - Added extra food from regions in the Macedonian Wars campaign.
    - Decreased the food cost of level 1 Foraging.
    - Changed Seleucids to start as a Kingdom rather than an Empire (new campaign only)
    - Added fertility effects to various character personality traits.
    - Lowered child mortality rates a bit.
    - Reduced Empire Maintenance lowering effect from female character ranks.
    - Changed Triumph trait triggers to work properly.
    - Reduced loyalty effects from husband and wife ancillaries since they were stacking.
    - Changed temple upkeep to affect only its region rather than the entire province.
    - Roman Antesignani unit changed to be a heavier armored unit to better match sources and help distinguish it from the Marian auxiliary options
    - Illyrians now have access to supply ships.
    - Changed various main menu background options to new images rather than the old help tips. Thanks to Jim_Riley for one of the images.

    Smaller Fixes
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - Fixed mispelled Egyptian Galatian unit name.
    - Fixed Armenian Medium Cavalry having wrong animation assigned, fixed Nakharar and Medium cavalry having ammunition assigned.
    - Fixed Mauryan bodyguard unit having concentrated fire ability.
    - Changed Mauryan 2h mace unit to population class 2.
    - Fixed mispelling in Rhodes' faction name in Macedonian Wars.
    - Fixed incorrect value when damaged for an effect on a tier 4 Armenian temple.
    - Added missing sanitation effects for Carthage technologies in HatG.
    - Fixed Egyptian female characters in IA campaign having double political traits (only affects new characters probably)
    - Fixed Volsci RoR faction having 2 starting celtic units (new campaign only)
    - Fixed some Roman Iberian auxiliaries having the wrong audio type.
    - Fixed HatG and IA Roman auxiliary barracks missing banditry and PO effects.
    - Removed Sparta and Rhodes special capitals from Mac Wars campaign since they are walled cities in that campaign (new campaign only).
    - Fixed a typo in a year in history message.
    - Fixed the Colosseum having a lower public order bonus than the tier 4 arena building.
    - Fixed Italians missing elite cavalry recruitment entries in RoR.
    - Added starting farms for Macedon in Macedonian Wars campaign so they don't start out negative food. (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Seleucid/Baktria missing supply baggage train recruitment from grain silos.
    - Fixed AOR Libyan Cavalry unit missing weapons.
    - Fixed Caesar in CiG starting with 2 political rank traits.
    - Fixed Cretan archers having bugged shield displays.
    - Removed Thorax pike commander options from several Greek factions mistakenly left in the mod.
    - Fixed several units missing from Rhodes' custom battle roster.
    - Fixed Rhodes' chapter missions using Pergamon missions in the later game (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Sparta in WoS original submod missing government and faction leader texts.
    - Fixed CiG Roman roster missing Chieroballista.
    - Slightly turned down fertility rates, removed some fertility bonuses previously added to a few personality traits.
    - Fixed Medewi missing navies and artillery in custom battles.
    - Added food consumption to Colosseum
    - Fixed Thracian gold town having wrong icon.
    - Fixed missing CAI values for Bibracte special capital, the AI should now upgrade it.
    - Fixed missing name and some effects for tier 5 Odryssian library.
    - Reduced various ancillary effects since you can have 3 per character now.
    - Fixed Pontic Bronzie Shield population class assignment.
    - Added Georgian sword unit to Kartli's roster.
    - Added Armenian mercenary unit to Caucasian mercenary pool (new campaign only)
    - Fixed most garrison hoplites having the old shorter spear type.
    - Fixed a typo in the Etruscan hoplite unit description.
    - Changed the Libyan roster in HatG to use the newer units from recent overhauls.
    - Fixed some AI Iberian factions missing units from rosters in HatG.
    - Added Bibracte special capital to IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Lowered amount of food gained from spy's steal food ability.
    - Increased food production and income from tier 3/4 fishing ports.
    - Fixed unit description for a Parthian sword unit.
    - Fixed a Mauryan sword unit missing javelin models.
    - Increased some ancillary effects that were lowered too much previously (for melee attack/defense)
    - Lowered diplomatic negative for trespassing.
    - Fixed Daci rebel flag emblem that was too dark.
    - Fixed spy skill having wrong tier 2/3 effects (values were reversed)
    - Fixed Bibracte having wrong garrison assignments.
    - Fixed missing unit set assignment for Syracusian Royal Cavalry.
    - Fixed Pontic Lancers and Peltasts not being upgradeable at Thorax reforms. This fix will only be effective in campaigns that have not hit Thorax yet.
    - Fixed Illyrian tier 4 port missing its name.
    - Increased food from Piraeus special building to go along with recently increased fishing food port buff.
    - Fixed Mauryan bodyguard unit missing javelin models.
    - Slight increase to Athena temples research and culture bonus.
    - Fixed some chapter mission images having the wrong cultural type

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Great news! Is this download compatible with the steam verision or do I have to delete that in order to install this?

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You have to deactivate the Steam version, this is not compatible with the 1.1 version. It is also not compatible with 1.1 saves.
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Thanks for clearing that out, so no need to delete it from the mod manager? So those two above parts is all that is needed or do I have to go into the old download thread and get part 1 and 2 as well?

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You literally made my weekend excellent.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Baalbeckius View Post
    Thanks for clearing that out, so no need to delete it from the mod manager? So those two above parts is all that is needed or do I have to go into the old download thread and get part 1 and 2 as well?
    All you need is the 2 parts in this thread listed above, thats it. Make sure to click "enable out of date mods" in the mod manager.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Thanks, seems to work pretty well. Wonderful mod! =)

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Great to see this 1.2 going to start playing and reporting back to you.
    Just to be clear i still need all the DEI from steam parts 1-6
    and then just add the new 1.2 files Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 1 (Mirror)
    Divide et Impera 1.2 Part 2 (Mirror)
    to the steam folder.

    I dont need to delete or uninstall any part of DEI from steam parts 1-6?


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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    You dont need any steam parts as I said. You need to deactivate the steam version if you use this beta

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    She's a beauty, Gents. A true work of art.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
    We haven't worked on Carthage yet but they will get some changes later on. Not sure why they lost them now.
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Goddamn, I'm off work until monday and you drop this today? Amazing stuff, thank you

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Looks beautiful! Good job guys! Can't wait for the full release

    One question though. I noticed Carthaginians wear faded green and tan tunics. Even the Sacred band lost their distinctive purple capes. Is this a design decision or a bug on my side?
    Was a design decision to remove the cartoony colours.

    Also I did do some work on Carthage, you should see new shields added and better linothorax textures.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Don_Diego View Post
    Was a design decision to remove the cartoony colours.

    Also I did do some work on Carthage, you should see new shields added and better linothorax textures.
    Oh yeah, I have noticed the the new shield and linothorax patterns along with some more color on helmets ....and I love it! Still, the elite members of sacred band should at least get capes of color different from what looks to be feldgrau or sand blue

    Aslo, are there plans to give different linothorax models and improved textures to the low tier Greek phalangites and hoplites for Epirus, Hellenic AOR and mercs.? I mean something like the rework featured in the Sparta update.
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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!


    You should give more bonuses for the 2 class. After a point it is almost impossible to recruit them. like 3% extra would be nice (in base). Seleuids's satrapies seems to stick with you no matter what! Quite weird!! (I have food, +100 public order, no wars and buildings for 1st and 2st class)

    The AI is too passive

    The AI does not give you any challenge

    The AI accepts peace too easy?

    I played as Selecuids and SPQR VH/VH

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Remember that the hardcore submod can and will fix some of these "issues", but we have to consider the fact that this mod have a broad range of users and we need to satisfy everyones need. sort of.
    And besides, you are playing as a major faction and as the Selecuids you also have satrapies which mean that the AI will be reluctant to wage war as it considers your size.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Normally the satrapies rebel against the Seleucids pretty early on so that is indeed strange. But, every campaign is different in that regard. The larger starting factions are always going to be easier.

    1.2 is actually harder in all of our testing than 1.1, especially for Rome's start. So, either you had a weird occurence, you are using some other submods/mods that conflict, or you are just that good

    I recommend trying out the hardcore submod if you want a more aggressive AI.

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    Default Re: [Download & Installation] Divide et Impera - Download link - 1.2 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustDoit8 View Post
    Oh yeah, I have noticed the the new shield and linothorax patterns along with some more color on helmets ....and I love it! Still, the elite members of sacred band should at least get capes of color different from what looks to be feldgrau or sand blue

    Aslo, are there plans to give different linothorax models and improved textures to the low tier Greek phalangites and hoplites for Epirus, Hellenic AOR and mercs.? I mean something like the rework featured in the Sparta update.
    Yes there are some plans to further improve hellenic units in the future, and I think an update for various linothoraxes. Some rosters like Rhodos have some great new linothorax textures, maybe we can find more to replace the older/vanilla ones. Also I will probably re-do custom colours for sacred band units with a more natural purple colour. At the time it was easier just to remove the current colours and start again as that green and red scheme was not great...

    Also @ AugustusRoman, try a smaller faction. I just loaded up a Rome campaign and fought a bloody war with Epirus and Syracuse for decades, only when Syracuse was surrounded and had lost several battles with Rome and Carthage, did they try to sue for peace. The faction power balance seems to make a big difference in that.
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