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Thread: Creating a World - Script and Fort Fixes for Kingdom Campaigns

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    Default Creating a World - Script and Fort Fixes for Kingdom Campaigns

    IntroductionI was recently browsing through my archive and came across two ZIP files that contained the fixed scripts for the teutonic and brittania campaign as well as the ME fort fix for the crusades campaign. Seeing that I can't find the link where I got the scripts from I put them into an installer together with the fort fix.

    Content InformationBrittania Campaign Script
    Fixes the Welsh Uprising script

    Teutonic Campaign Script
    Fixes the Kalmar Union script

    Forts in Crusades Campaign, this is originally by zxiang1983, this is the discussion thread
    Fixes the battle map for these forts:
    ● me_fort_a
    ● me_fort_b
    ● knightly_order

    Download and Installing
    The download is available here at TWCenter

    Simply start the installer and follow the instructions. Make sure the install path points to your Medieval 2 Total War main directory and nowhere else.

    General Note
    ● Crusades Fix - these are save game compatible but it is necessary to start the crusades campaign with it's own desktop shortcut due to the provision of the needed BAT\CFG file. This Steam compatible desktop shortcut has been created by the installer and is named 'Crusades Campaign'
    ● Script Fixes - these are not save game compatible and will require the start of a new game

    Note for Steam Users
    Make sure that you haven't renamed your original kingdom campaign folders. If you did, reverse the action for the duration of the installation to make sure the scripts go into the correct mod\campaign. You can reverse the folder renaming after the installation again.
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