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Thread: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

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    Default How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    This story or rather fictional documentary is just to explain how the world and technology and life of an average man changed from 1890-1990 .I will describe roughly the life of a man who lives for a 100 years .

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    Richard Matson was born in 1890 to Edward Matson .The Matsons were considered rich by the average person ,but for the rich clubs they were the poorest of the poor .Edward was a stockbroker in New york making some good but not much profits .Richard was raised as a traditional protestant and given the best education that the Matsons could afford .He was from a small age taught what his father worked as ,a businessman .He was a very silent boy with an amazing intellect for money .In school he had only one good friend,Tom Nixon .The Nixons were family friends of the Matsons .In 1905 when Richard came first in school ,his father gifted him a new rarity,an invention that would change the world .The radio .It was an amazing machine and Richard would sit and listen closely to it for an hour .In 1908 he finally joined his father’s business as a clerk and soon made it up to assistant manager without any fatherly favours .He worked in his fathers business till 1912 when he decided to open his own business away from his father’s business with Tom Nixon .He named it ‘Rem holdings’.
    Radio .

    Fathers office .
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    Feel free to comment .
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    more soon.
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    Default Re: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    As you can see, mad orc, I have moved this thread to Creative Writing, as you requested.

    This is an interesting idea for a piece of writing. The world certainly changed dramatically in the hundred years from 1890 - from steam trains to desktop computers. I wonder how someone born in 1890 would have been affected by the attitudes and expectations of that era, and how their attitudes and expectations would have changed during the dramatic events in that century. It sounds like Mr Richards was born into a fairly wealthy family, if they could afford to buy their son a radio in 1905. (I don't know what proportion of American families could afford a radio in 1905).

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    Thanks for the review. Watch out for new updates and posts edits .
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    Default Re: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    Hi, mad orc. I think this is an interesting idea.

    Obviously, what you write is up to you, but I'm hoping you will include information about other generations, not just Mr Richards himself. I say that because obviously when he is a child, we know Mr Richards can listen to the radio - but he has no idea what his father's life is like at work. By the time Mr Richards himself has a job, the equipment available to him will be different (at least a bit) from the equipment his father might have used. Likewise, by the time Mr Richards is 70 or so (in 1960), he'll be retiring. His children and grandchildren will be the ones using new technology and equipment at work. The same is true of toys, and what happens at school - for most of Mr Richards's life, he won't be at school, or be all that interested in toys. So to see what changes about those things, we'd need to look at the difference between Mr R's childhood and those of his children, grandchildren and perhaps even great-grandchildren.

    I'll look forward to seeing how you do this, anyway!

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    Chapter 1 .

    On the first day of their crummy office on the east side of new york Tom asked Richard what was their first plans with the money so generously given by his parents,and other people who just wanted to donate .”I am planning to go to Los angeles and stay at the ‘buffalo inn’for a day ,then I am planning to go to Washington and then I will come back here to New york where I will stay for some time in the posh ‘Lamberts hotel’ “ said Richard .”Are you mad,who is givng you the right to waste the companys money “ questioned Tom .”Let me go to the telegraph office,when I return I will tell you all about it “answered Richard .

    “Despite the golden age of mining over,there are still many gold mines left over in New Mexico,I plan to buy one “said Richard over a cup of coffee .He had returned late that evening and Tom was anxiously waiting in the office for an answer .”Are you mad ,do you know how much it costs to buy one,you are out of your mind”said Tom .”No hear the plan,’United bankings have promised me any help financially ,so I am gonna be first tavelling to Los angeles where the head of UB is taking a vacation at the ‘Buffalo inn’ .Then we are gonna be applying for an exploration right to Cortilla territory in New Mexico.If we apply for an exploration right,then we get permission to explore for gold there,if we find gold we apply for mining rights,for the reason of getting that exploration right I need to go to Washington .”answered Richard .”But you fool ,even if we succedd in getting all these permissions,then also we will take ages to actually find gold there,and even if we did find any which I doubt,it will take ages more to actually dig up some gold and start a business .”said Tom .”Exactly that’s why we need someone who can buy us up in advance ,someone like Mr.John Gatting,who is staying at the Lamberts hotel in New york “.said Richard .”I would like to correct you again ,mining rights are non transferrable .”said Tom .”Yes for that reason we are going to be setting up a shell company whose shares we can transfer to Mr.Gatting “said Richards .”oh “said Tom .”By the way do you know that recently Mr.Gatting lost a court case to ‘Bantim enterprises’”said Richards .”No”said Tom who by this time was sleepy and confused with the whole plan .”What is the name of the shell company “asked Tom .”Sacrifa”answered Richards .”Why “questioned Tom .”Because we will have to sacrifice someone in the process “answered Richard .

    ​Workers at a gold mine .
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    Default Re: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    Chapter 2.

    The buffalo inn was excellent ,thought Herbert Lamison the head of UB .Even as he was watching the marvellous show put on the inn’s stage ,he noticed a young man being brought inside by his personal manager .He welcomed him and asked “What work do you have here .””Mr.Herbert ,nice to meet you ,in some months I would need a huge loan .”said Richards .”Why?”asked Herbert .”I plan to buy a gold mine ,don’t tell it to your reporter cousin “answered Richards.

    It was dinner time at the Lamberts hotel in New york when Mr. Gatting first saw the man who had fixed an appointment with him .The man came and sat next to him on the chair leaning one hand on the conference table that the hotel had so generously provided to a customer of a stature of Mr.Gattings .”I have a rights of exploration to a potential gold mine in New Mexico,I can sell it to you for $125000 .”said the man .”I am not interested man,you could be a con man ,how do I believe you,plus you only have the rights of exploration not of mining .”said Gatting .”Think again ,you are missing out on a great opportunity”said the man .”Sorry I am not interested ,go now”said Gattings .”Ok “said the man Richard Matson .

    After getting the rights of exploration but not of mining at Washington ,Richard went to his New York bank and took out all of his bank balance of $18000 .He then went to the shady part of the city ,to a place called ‘Fools gold’ .”Mr.Saints,remember me I studied at the school where your father worked as an sweeper,we used to play together”said Richards .”Oh yes”said Saints the owner of the fake gold shop .”I want to buy cheap gold nuggets worth $18000 .”said Richards .”My gosh,Mr.Richards,why so much,that’s an enourmous amount “said Saints .”Just do as I told you”answered Richard .

    What happened that day on the street opposite to the office of the New york tribune was unbelievable ,a person called Mr.Richard Matson had been going by a taxi with a huge bag of gold nuggets and all of a sudden he lost his balance and he bag of gold nuggets fell out of the taxi and in the street below .People went crazy picking up the gold .Mr.Matson was able to recover a lot of the gold ,but much of it fell into the hands of hungry passerbys .

    “Are you crazy”asked Tom over the telephone .”No it was an accident “answered Richards .”I am planning to quit now”said Tom .”I advise you wait for just a few days,things are going to improve “said Richards .

    “I am interested “said Mr.Gatting entering the crummy office .”Unfortunately no,I have already decided to make a deal with Bantim “said Richards .The name of that company sent shivers of anger down Gatting's body .”Tell me the price that they have agreed to pay “said Gattings .”$130000”answered Matson .”I will give $140000”said Gatting .”Unfortunately I am a poor man Mr.Gatting “said Richards .”I will give you $150000 now at this moment “said Gattings .”Ahem”Richards sulked .”Make it $180000,you transfer the shares of the shell company and the rights of exploration to me now and I give the money to you at this very moment in cash ,I have heard the news of the gold on the street .”said Gattings .”I agree “said Richrads .

    The accountant at the bank was almost fainting when she saw Matson enter with $180000 cash to deposit .Just a few days ago he had withdrawn $18000 and now he had come here with 10 times the money .

    It was only later that Tom realising the whole business and the frame ups had decided to stay .

    For years,the Chocillo Indians were valued nothing .But after Mr.Gattings started exploring for gold,they found good carrers as miners .But these carrers were short lived.Because Mr.Gattings never found any gold there .

    Cheap gold nuggets .
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    Default Re: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    Chapter 3 .

    “Gattings has turned on the heat”said Frou Laminson Richards new personal lawyer .”Can he pin anything on us ?“asked Richards .”No he cant,but I advise you to still lay low for a while “said Frou as Tom nodded his approval .They were sitting in their New York office .Even after 2 years of digging in 1914 Gattings had finally realised that there was no gold to be found in Chocillo country .”Ok lets move to Canada where my father has citizenship”said Richards .”Tom before we go,find some small university falling on bad terms in Canada,its board should be made up of corroupted people .Precisely a medical college .It should be well known many years before .”added Richards .”Though its almost impossible,I will still research and find one”said Tom .”I know better than to ask ‘why’”he added .”Good boy”exclaimed Richards .

    They managed to rent a small office in Toronto by 18th November 1914 .They stayed at a small lodge adjacent to the office .”Ok here’s one ‘Edmorton medical college’ built in 1887 ,great college which produced good results till 1907 when in the financial crisis it collapsed ,a girl was harassed in the college in 1909 which further destroyed its reputation ,now it is controlled by a board of lazy corroupted lads who think they are great medical men “ said Tom .”Good whats the buying price?”asked Richards .”They are telling a non negotiable $45000 “answered Tom .”Ok buy it and also hire some forgers ,additionally I would also like to order cinchona medicine worth $400 and also buy a cheap warehouse upto $1000 “.finished Richards .”Ok majesty,I hope you know what you are doing “said Tom .

    “Do you know a man of business called Edmond Houston “asked Richards .”Yes he is a big player in the chemical and medications department “said Tom .”You have half knowledge ,he is a big player in the industry with a big useless mind ,he opened a medications industry in 1901 with the help of his brother who was very learned in medicine ,they procedded to make the business big until his brother died of an accident in 1911 ,the catch is that Mr.Edmond himself is as illiterate as one of those black peoples(sorry this was the norm at the time,I am no racist and support black rights),nowadays he simply invests in new medicines on impulse not knowing any of the complex chemical formulas handed out to him by patent holders “.said Richard .”What do you plan to do?”asked Tom .”I plan to sell him medicine “answered Richards .

    The’ Canadian elite club’ or CEC as it was called was a big club in Toronto .That is where the meeting with Mr.Houston was arranged .Richards sat next to him on one of the embellished white tables .As a custom they started talking only after tea .”I have a patent for a new medicine and have a company based in Toronto that makes them ,2000 units,here’s a photo “said Richards showing the photos of the cheap warehouse .”Whats new in it”asked Houston .”It’s a new variation of the malaria medicine .I was a family friend of a great professer called Mr.Edward Drake,he made the medicine and wrote in his will that upon his death I can use the patent however I feel,but times are hard and I need to sell the warehouse and the patent which is owned not by me personally,but by the shell company called ‘TSK medicines’ .The shares of the company are transferrable and so is the patent .”said Richard .”What are the credentials of this great professer “asked Houston .”Studied at the prestigious Edmorton university ,made this medicine in 1912,then died two years ago ,in this folder are his credentials,personal papers,ID proof ,the patent paper,the shell company shares list.”said Richards handing over the folder .”I would like to think on it “said Houston after examining the papers .”Unfortunately I need the money quickly,are you interested in buying the company now at this moment”asked Richards .”Then no ,sorry man “said Houston .”Huh ok”said Richards sulking .

    Over the next few days Mr.E Houston noticed the same man with the great botanist Astorre Zeno ,the day after that with the CEO of ‘Futura industries ‘ and the day after that with both together .Finally he once came to the club early and waited for the man .He came early too .
    “I would like to buy,but I know that you have been making deals with those two Italians “said Houston to Richards .”No I am not making any deals”replied Richards .”Don’t lie to me,I saw you with Zeno the botanist and the Mr.Futura “said Houston .”No Mr.Futura is just a great golf player and we played a lot of good golf ,Mr.Zeno and I just happen to share a common liking for Darjelling tea served at this club “answered Richards .”You liar,tell me the truth,you are selling the company and patent aren’t you ?“asked Houston in a casual yet friendly way as if catching a lying child .”Huh well yes “Richards said .”Well now I have made up my mind,how much did they propose you?”asked Houston .”$100000 for the patents and shares “said Richards .”Gimme the checkbook now,I am buying you up for $120000”said Houston .”What ok”said Richards handing over the papers and the chequebook .

    The official paper of the sale,
    ‘Mr.Richards Matinson is hereby transferring the shares of TSK industries along with the patent of TSK medicine which is a variated mixture of Chincona medicine originally patented by Mr.Edward Drake of Edmorton university ,Mr.Matson makes no other claims what so ever than the ones above,the sale is fixed at $120000’.

    “So who is Edward Drake”asked Tom .”A figment of my imagination and the art of several forgers and counterfeit document makers ,the patents are obviously counterfeit too”answered Richards over a cup of tea at Toronto docks .”What!Is the medicine really new or is it fake too?”asked Tom .”As I have stated ,it is a variated mixture of Chinchona medicine for malaria,adding Indian herbs makes it a variated mixture but not neccesarily entirely new,but then these days patents are easily handed out “said Richards cooly .”What all these days and I dind’t know it was another scam “said Tom .”It isn’t a scam,as I said the medicine is really variated and except the fake patents all is real in here ,I have sold the university board at the same price that we bought it,our profits from this entire thing are about $110000”said Richards .”Gosh”said Tom .”Lets leave for Cuba before Houston discovers all though I have done it in a false name called Matinson .Of course he cant pin anything on Richard Matson .”said Richards .”What is TSK?”asked Tom .”The silent killer”replied Richard .

    Fake medicine .
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    Chapter 4 .

    It was afternoon on the 1st of February 1918 that Mr.Diaz received the letter,’New money box invention,fully allowed by the US government like a professional lottery,we are official sellers,you have been selected in the colonial group,for one full year you gain the right to use this machine please fix meeting‘.

    “Do you know that the wild west may have ended long ago but in some places people are still as stupid as the wild west “said Richards .”What do you mean and why are we here in Cuba?’ Asked Frou and Tom at the same time .”As you know that the US took Cuba for its plantation and transferred many plantations from the Spanish government to some rich stupid Cubans(once again no racism involved I respect Cuba for its great sugar) who are mostly illiterate .I plan to take their riches away from the .”said Richards .”How “asked Frou .”Ever heard of the ‘Money box’ ”said Richards .

    The hacienda of Mr.Carmine Diaz was a massive place built from the ill gotten gains of the war of 1898 .It had a huge horse race course ,a flower garden and a huge outside sitting lounge .It was here in the open air lounge that Mr.Diaz welcomed the 2 men Mr.Richardo Milanoisto and Mr.Fruen Laminen .”The United states government recently wanted to adjust a large number of economic papers to countries like Germany and Austria hungary which are on the verge of losing the European war ,Germany as you know now is an enemy .So they for some unknown complex economic reason decided to distribute 20 random money making machines on a one year liscence basis to random people in the US administration ,you are the winner in the colonial group .”said Mr.Milanoisto .”What I am so lucky ,show me how it works “said the illiterate peasant turned rich man .”Pity it requires 6 hours to print one hundred dollar note “said Mr.Milanoisto pushing a button on the machine .For 6 long hours they sat in Mr.Diaz’s guest room waiting .After 6 hours they heard cries “Its come,its come “it was Mr.Diaz .”Good but lets wait to see 2 more notes “said Mr.Milanoisto .”Ok you can wait in my guest rooms,I will bring some dinner for you “Said an overjoyed Mr.Diaz .For the next 12 hours from 8pm to 8am they enjoyed dinner,slept on a palatial bed and enjoyed good tea and breakfast .In the morning Mr.Diaz hurriedly came running into the room “Its come,2 more notes “.”Good “said Mr.Milanoisto .

    “You know the original winner was some other guy,we actually adjusted it so that you would win,it is only too fair that you will share too sir”said Mr.Milanoisto .”Oh,ok I will give $5000 from under the table”said Mr.Diaz .”Look man you are making 400 a day,that’s $102000 in your yearly liscence .It is only fair that you give us $50000”said Mr.Milanoisto .”Well I will give,$20000”said Diaz .”$30000,is my last offer or the original winner wins “said Mr.Milanoisto with a look that would kill .”OK”agreed Mr.Diaz .

    Of course Mr.Diaz waited long that evening and the day after and the day after that,but no more notes came out of the box,it took him another week to realise that there existed no Mr.Milanoisto and Mr.Laminen and that he had been conned and he had no material proof of it,no papers nothing ,he didn’t even remember their faces properly,finally fearing for his prestige he just decided to rest the matter and punish himself for his own stupidity .

    As for Matson,he and Tom and Frou decided to wait out the European war enjoying a small portion of their ill gotten gains and only returned after the Paris treaty and prohibition in 1921 .He also decided to finally settle down in a constant solid buisness with Tom as top shareholder .

    Money box .
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    Chapter 5.

    "I have found a bride for you "said mama Matson ."Oh gosh no ,not now ma"replied Richards .He had returned back to USA in january 1921 and was now looking to start his own buisness from these ill gotten gains ."Why you selfish man'i want to play and see my grandchildren too,no,you are gonna have to marry,theres this girl named Mary Louise "said Mom ."Ok,then for your happiness i will marry"said Richard .

    "The prohibition has changed many buisness equations ."said Richards to Tom .They were sitting in Richard's room at his parent's house ."Please no more 'jobs',i want to be just a real buisness man now "said Tom ."Of course yes yes ,do you know that now that alcohol is gone,at least the law abiding citizens will turn to cigars for the kick of ecstasy "said Richards ."Of course "said Tom ."Its a good time to start a cigars buisness"said Richards ."But setting up a new buisness will require a lot of time and patience "said Tom ."Yes thats why i plan to acquire one "said Richards,a smile on his face .

    Prohibition .

    “Mark is coming over to your office”said mom over the phone .”Why”asked Richards .”I don’t know”answered mom and hung up .He and Tom were at the office on the east side .Back after several years .”What happened “asked Tom .”I have a cousin named Mark,good fellow,he is coming here “answered Richards .”Wrong ,I have came”said a voice ,it was Mark Matson .Aged 25 he was of optimum height and shape and good looking .”Oh hello brother”said Richard as he got up and hugged him”What brings you here”he asked further .”Richard I come here not as a brother but an employee,I have always wanted to become a big time member of world business,but my parents ave everything to my elder brother Henry .They then started forcing me to work as a clerk at a lowly railway office to earn money .I was dying their .Then I heard that you were starting up a new business and thought that I still have a last hope”said Mark .”Well yes,but I will have to still interview you,lets not hear the world say that you are in my office because of any brotherly favours “said Richards .

    The glasses of water had been ordered and Mark had been given a minute to think .Finally the interview started .”Look Mark I know you,I just need to ask one question to recruit you,what do you know about me and my business ?“asked Richards .”You are a very good businessman,you are the one who pissed off Mr.Gatings with some phony deal .Then you disappeared to Canada and from there you went to Cuba .I don’t know what you did there,but when you returned you had a tonload of money with you .Now this much amount comes from gambling or from a crooked business,since I have never known you as a gambler,I think that’s something smells of crooked business .You also purposefully started a gold rush on the streets of New york which shows how ruthless you can be in business “completed Mark .”Bravo lad,I am impressed with your knowledge,Tom do you have any questions as a major shareholder ?”asked Richards .”Yes,Mark tell me if you had to sell something to us now,at this moment what would it be?”asked Tom .”At this moment you are interviewing me for employment,so I would probably sell myself “answered Mark .”You are hired”said Tom and Richard at the same time .

    The marriage held immediately just days later was a grand affair with some money from Cuba spent for the lavish decorations .During the break in between two ceremonies a worried Tom came and asked Richards “Why is the mobster Toto Aquila here?” .”He’s just a distant relative of my mother”replied Richard .”I hope its true”said Tom .

    After the marriage only 2 people remained in the backroom of the church,Richard who had sent his bride home and Mr.Toto Aquila .”I believe that you have some say in the ‘Bin Cigars’ workers unions” said Richards .”Yes I do”replied Toto .”I want a revolution,tell the workers to make it like the revolution of Russia,we want a grand affair that should hit the papers ,also torch some of their warehouses on Long island .”said Richards .”It will be done”said Toto .”Good here is $5000 as your payment and of course after I have acquired the company ,you get some shares too “said Richards handing over the money .”I will do it well”said Toto .”The police will not even suspect that you bootleg alcohol when you own shares in a respectable company like a respectable businessman .”said Richards .

    “Did you see the papers ,the Bin cigars got hit tonight in several places and the unions of the workers are going mad ,look at the head line ‘Communist revolution in Bin cigars’ “said Tom to Richards handing out the newspaper to him .They were in the office sipping the morning tea .Richards said ”Good this means that I will be able to acquire 75% shares of the company at just $650000 instead of $800000 once we acquire it,I will hold 40%,you will keep30% and the remaining 5%will be held by…..” . ”By mister Toto Aquila who was paid by you to do it all huh”completed Tom .”Tom…Peace man “said a shocked Richards holding out his hand to shake Tom’s .

    Tom Nixon was a silent man that’s why people thought that he was not as intelligent as others .But the reality was that he was just a good listener .When Richards had mentioned about buying the cigars company he knew it would be ‘Bin cigars’ because it was a company opened by the father whose sons were least interested and just wanted to get rid of it at whatever price possible .In its heydays when the father was alive,the company made hundreads of thousands .Now it was a defunct company .On his tours to all the company warehouses and offices in New York Tom had discovered that the workers hardly worked and still got paid,why then would they suddenly revolt?Then he saw that Toto Aquila in the marriage and then Marie Louise Matsons went home alone after the marriage .He then remembered that mobsters like Toto usually controlled the workers unions .He had put two and two together and easily understood all .But he feared Richards growing interest in Mobsters .
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    Chapter 6 .

    Every thing went well after the takeover which was swiftly done in cash from Gatings,Canada and Cuba and another donation from Edward Matson .The party moved to a much more respectable office location and recruited many more employees for the regular office work .One day while Richards was having a meeting with Tom(Assistant director),Mark(Head manager),Frou(Company lawyer)and Hertz Gomez(New man with exceptional brilliance in the field of reducing costs),Richards said “We need to launch a new advertising campagain” .”I suggest we follow in the footsteps of ‘Bin Cigars’in its heydays .”No our name has been changed to ‘REM cigars ‘”said Richards .”I suggest that we tell the people that all our cigars are rolled in the palms of a beautiful woman”said Mark .”Why?”asked Richards .”Men have strange fetishes “answered Mark .”Lets do it”said Richards .

    Richards was tired out .The entire day had been tiring .Many months had passed since the advertising meeting .It as 1923 now .He had spent a lot of time in the great New York Stock Exchange .It was a marvellous place .When he had seen it for the first time when he had returned after the great war as it was called nowadays,he was thrilled .But today had been the first day that he had spent more than 2 hours there .Currently he had just finished a phone .It had been Mark .He was getting ready to go with the trucks at night .Aquila had asked for a return favour of donating him some trucks for the illegal hooch .He had asked Mark to go along because he trusted Mark more than Tom on these matters .When dealing with mobsters .All of a sudden he saw his wife .Marie was actually beautiful .But all these 3 years he had simply regarded her as nothing more than a responsibility .He was 33 now .How much more time should he remain just a husband .No it was time to be a father .So he walked up to her and said “Marie dear” .She did not reply but looked away bashfully .Then leading her by her hand he took her to the private room .

    Mark Matson bean to understand truths about life on that day when he went on the trucks .The deal was simple .Aquila needed a favour in return by helping transport some of the illegal hooch .There were 3 trucks that had been loaded with old newspapers behind which in a hidden engine box was the hooch .He went into the leading truck by dusk .For most of the road there were no issues but soon they were confronted by a bunch of 3 patrolmen .

    At first Mark was frightened ,he imagined himself under bars along with Richards and Tom and the Matson’s both households grieving with the Nixons .His parents,they would punish him severely .But none of that happened .The patrolman said “Oh its Mr.Aquila’s stuff.Let it move,let me take a bottle first” and he took it .That day the entire structure of American law and order fell at his feet .

    The picture tells it all .
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    Default Re: How the world changed 1890-1990 .

    Chapter 7 .

    And so the years 1923-1926 went pretty well for ‘Bin cigars’ and Richard Matson .The business expanded by leaps and bounds .The ad campagain became iconic in just 3 years time .The customer base increased to include Europe and Japan .Of course everything was not clean .Many times Richard helped the mob .He moved out to his Brooklyn home which was purchased from a family ruined due to ww1.He also became a good citizen of Brooklyn by building parks,setting up soup kitchens and socialising with the rich and famous .He also had a son Jack in 1924 .

    It was in December 1926 that Tom saw Richards intently looking at the newspaper .”Whats the matter”asked Tom .”The owner of Lion mills has asked his shareholders that now is the time to quit it,sell all their shares and lay low,”said Richards .”But why,the market is simply going up,he is foolish to the core”said Tom .”No he is right,soon enough its gonna tumble,then its gonna hurt us all,better to get rid of them while we still can,sell away all the various shares that we own,right now”said Richards .”For real?”asked Tom .”Yes,and also ask all our company employees,specifically the ones on the lower ranks to get rid of their shares now at this moment,tell them that those who refuse will be kicked out now.”said Richards .”Oh my god,I guess this rule applies to me as well”Asked Tom .”No my good man,I order you to sell the shares of course ,but how can I kick you out,we were partners in crime.”said Richards .After Tom left,Richards smiled,for the last few years Tom had been sidelined in business due to other employees,and Mark who was proving himself as ruthless as Richards,something that Tom lacked .Now in this one meeting,he had repaired it all .
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    Chapter 8 .

    “Wow ,we are gonna be bidding for this house on 2nd avenue “said Richards one day in the morning almost a year after his orders to sell away everything,yes the shares were still going up,but most analysts were saying that the end was near,the problem was that the public were turning a blind eye to them .But Richards had made tons of money from the shares he had sold.He was much more rich now than he was a year ago .His employees knowing his financial genius had agreed to his demands too .”Why”said Tom ,he was viewing the same paper standing behind the chair on which Richards was sitting .”As you know that now December 1927 it’s the mayoral elections for New Yark( in New Jersey,the road that they are building on 2nd avenue will finally be completed to boost their votes,so the price of this house will rise soon,plus I have an excellent plan to acquire it at the lowest price too now”said Richards smiling like a child who had found a way to copy in his exam .

    “Read this ad carefully “said Richards handing over the paper carefully to Tom .It read ,

    ‘All bidders must deposit $1000 before bidding .

    Members should take into account all the legal and financial setup before bidding .

    The reserve price for bidding is $100000 .Bids below the reserve price shall not be accepted in any quantity .If no one bids ,then bidding will be done again .

    The winning bidder shall have to deposit 3% of the money in cash or cheque before 3pm afternoon .Only then his deposits will be deducted and then he will be given time to pay the remaining money by discussion .

    If the winning bidder fails to pay up the 3%before 3pm then his deposit of $1000 shall be claimed by the auctionners and the next highest bidder shall be given a chance to deposit 10% and claim the property .’

    “Register for two participation forms “said Richards .”Why who else is participating?”asked Tom .

    “You are going to be participating”said Richards .”Why are both of us going to bid”asked Tom .”First I will bid the minimum price of $100000,then you will bid $1200000,nobody will bid beyond that ridiculous amount ,but you should bid immediately after me,you have to make absolutely sure that between you and me nobody raises his hand,this is criticall “said Richards .”But you fool ,then we will get the house at many times its market price “said Tom .”No ,you will fail to deposit the money by 3pm and will lose $1000 ,they will then have to offer the house to the next highest bidder”said Richards .”Which is you,haha”Tom said .
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    Chapter 9.

    "There's a problem"said Tom ."There's a cartel upon our necks .Do you know "GRE" the company who owned the remaining 15%in Bin cigars?"asked Tom ."Yes,its an invesement company"answered Richards ."Well here is some realization,its actually a shell company run my a man name John Gatting sponsered by a band of share market operators with deep pockets" said Tom ."And do you know whats worse,those people are now looking to hammer down our share price by selling our shares at prices that are not synchronized and they have also teamed up with our 10% shareholders more " said Tom ."Let them do it"said Richards suddenly rising "They dont know that i play this game better than them "."Do you know of the 'Tensome' .asked Richards .

    “Buy shares on behalf of ‘Spanish bins pvt ltd’ ” shouted Richards over the phone .”Buy shares on behalf of ‘Austrian bins pvt ltd’ ’’ shouted Richards on the second phone .The phone rang again “Buy shares on behalf of ‘Cuban bins pvt ltd’ “shouted Richards again .”Which are all these companies” asked Frou .”I knew well before that it is advantageous to own a bunch of interconnected companies other than your flagship company ,in my case ‘REM holdings’ ,so I set up 10 different companies in Europe and Cuba “said Richards .”But where did you get the money to set up all these companies”asked Frou .”For just $2 you get your own company in these war destroyed countries like Germany,Austria and Poland “.answered Richards .

    “At last count how many shares have we bought?”asked Richards to his brokers in NYSE and to Tom and Mark .”We have bought 27089 shares “answered the broker .”Ok keep buying in the name of all these European companies,these fools will never know that those companies are owned by me”said Richards .

    “Whats the last count “asked Richards in the morning 2 days later .”30000 shares,Gatting and his cartel have now exhausted all their shareholdings I believe”said a battle weary Mark who was acting as part time broker .”Good,keep buying more”said Richards .”There is nothing left to buy now”said Mark .”Of course ,but these fools are trying to hammer down our share price further so they will shortsell the shares(Shortselling is the act of selling shares that one doesn’t own already but sells before hand,later on they can be bought and given to the buyer) “said Richards .”Ha,ha,ha so these fools still don’t know that the buying companies are all yours”laughed Tom as Mark got to work on the phone .

    “How many shares have we bought”asked Richards .”115%,which means that the cartel will have to buy the extra 15%shares later on”said Mark .”Good now ask all the sellers to deliver the shares that they have sold to us on paper “said Richards .”If we demand delivery then we need cash”said Mark to Richards .”I have transferred cash to those 10 companies “answered Richards .”What if they don’t want to ,or they cant deliver the shares now “asked Mark .”Ask them to pay $100 extra late fees on every share”said Richards .

    The first 15%shares were deliverd to Richards companies without a hitch .”Those are the shares that you already owned you bastards,now lets see you cough up the shares that you shortsold”said Richards to himself . “There is a panic on the NYSE,the cartel of brokers never expected us to demand delivery of shares,there is a mad scramble to buy ‘REM’ shares .”said Mark .”Do not sell at any price,let those people cry a little more”said Richards .”They say that the market will have to be closed down temporarily if we do not sell,people are wailing for us to sell”said Mark .”Whats the share price of ‘REM ‘currently ?“asked Richards .”$200 per share”answered Mark .”Whats the highest price that we bought them,considering that the cartel sold us cheap to lower down the share price? “asked Richards .”$150 per share”answered Mark .”Start offering small amounts of shares for $250 “said Richards .”Why?” asked Mark .”Gatting held 15%shares ,he paid them,but the balance 15%were never available with him in material,these were shortsells “said Richards .”Oh my god,these people have put themselves in a position where they have sold the shares short at $150 but now they have to buy at $250 ,what if they take some time”said Mark .”Negative,if they take time then they have to pay late fees of $100 more per share that is $350,better to buy at $250 and be done with it “said Richards .”My gosh ,this will destroy Gatting and his cartel,you have taken us to victory from the depths of defeat”said Mark .”What are you sad for then huh,just let Gatting and his cartel go to the ‘Bin’ “.said Richards relaxing in the chair with a look of triumph on his face and eyes .

    .An example of shorteselling
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    The use of historical events and characters, such as Prohibition and mobsters, helps to create a 1920s atmosphere, along with the ruthless deal-making. I wonder if Tom and Richards are heading for financial disaster at the end of the 1920s. I wonder if it would help to include a little more of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures which the characters experience. I also wonder if there is more to Chapter 9 - perhaps you are still writing it?

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    Chapter 9 is now finished .
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    Chapter 10 .

    A mere few months later the bubble burst .First the stock market crashed due to the vices of the over share dealing common man in the decade and due to several confusions like the famous ‘Cartel wars ‘ a mere few months before the crash .This was followed by the great depression .It was slow at first as prices fell ,soon it became faster .But then the price of money itself began to fall .It was a hard time but men like Richards were prepared .During this period Richards declared in a meeting “Gentlemen ,the time of the prohibition era cigar puffing rich man is over,this is the time of the poor man who needs affordable or say super cheap smokes just so that he can forget the stress of everyday life ,our cigars quality must now be exchanged for cheap prices and bulk quantity “.During this time Richards made ‘Bin cigars’ iconic .

    He distributed free cigars to the poorest in massive quantities with ample advertising boards behind to let the people know who was giving them those of course .It was simple ,he set up a bunch of soup kitchens in New York and one lucky man in 10 received a free low quality but cheap cigars.Behind the kitchen would be boards “’Bin cigars’ ,doing our bit to serve the common man,take a soup bowl and a cigar” would be written on the boards along with the mascot of a common man in a common suit puffing the new ‘Mini bins’ while dreaming of a nice future ahead .Other boards would have signs like ‘Toughen up friends,take our cigars,n,soups and hope for the best’ .

    Many times Richards would play a simple game with the newspaper people .He would personally go to their office and ask one of the more sentimental writers to come with him telling them that he was gonna do a big business deal over a phone and that they could write up the phone call in the newspapers .In those days of scarcity ,big deals were rare and the journalists would accompany him with excitement .He would take them by foot telling all the while that even he couldn’t afford a motor vehicle in these days .On the way he would stop at various of his soup kitchens or even on the roads and distribute a few dollars and a cigar with his business cards to needy people completely randomly .After he got to the office he would fake a phone call and tell the journalist that unfortunately the deal had been cancelled and that they could go .But the journalist would get a heartwarming story anyway .The people who received the business card would keep it safe in their drawers hoping to invest as soon as they got some money .When Roosevelt announced the creation of jobs ,Richards had went to the meeting of businessmen where Roosevelt announced that all the businessmen ought to create more jobs for the public,most of the biggies ignored the president not wanting to reduce the quality of service ,but Richards was among the few who saw the potentials of profit in such actions .He announced a new type of cheap bottle opener company (Which would much later diversify into a huge bars franchise,but that’s much much later )because by this time the prohibition was gone and besides alcohol ,bottle openers were in demand those days naturally .He employed as many as he could into this industry and created tons of jobs .This got him in the good looks of the president himself who invested in ‘REC’(Hope you didn’t forget that this was the original parent company ) and gave special him special incentatives for a couple of years .By the time the great depression was gone and USA had recovered Richard Matson had became one of the most succesfull business men of the era and ‘Bin cigars’ had became an iconic staple of American life .

    The soup kitchens .
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    Chapter 11 .

    Jeff Nixon was a versatile and ruthless man .He had been born in Cuba in 1920 .His birth itself was an adventure ,albeit a sweet one .His mothers name was Fransesca ,she was Spanish but had an English mother from whom she inherited the English look .While Richards and Tom were adventuring and enjoying a bit of the money box money in their last years of their foreign travels,Tom had met her .It had been love at first sight .But she hailed from a very poor neighbourhood of farmers .Her 3 brothers were always there to keep watch on her on the orders of her parents .So Richards had came up with an idea .Why not have another money box victim .This time though he put only $1 inside for the poor farmers .But he put 40 notes inside it to last the marriage festivities and the aftermath .After the marriage Tom and Richard rushfully ran off to the capital .But alas in 1920 she died in childbirth .But Tom was a good parent to Jeff .He was father and mother both despite the strenuous pace that Richards expected from him at office .

    At the age of 10 he had begin working in Richards soup kitchens .It was a dirty job .Seeing all the poor people wearing business suits shouting of their share market adventures of the previous decade was strange .

    It was in at the age of 16 though that he hit upon his scheme .

    The purpose of the postal reply coupon was to allow someone in one country to send it to a correspondent in another country, who could use it to pay the postage of a reply. IRCs were priced at the cost of postage in the country of purchase, but could be exchanged for stamps to cover the cost of postage in the country where redeemed; if these values were different, there was a potential profit. Inflation after World War I and Mussolini's strange financial techniques had greatly decreased the cost of postage in Italy expressed in U.S. dollars, so that an IRC could be bought cheaply in Italy and exchanged for U.S. stamps of higher value, which could then be sold.

    So Jeff decided to start a bogus company to deal in these postal reply coupons and make money .But he needed investors .He decided to ask his father Tom .But Tom being an overprotective parent scolded him instead “Do not play with money,not now,not ever” .So he decided to do it secretly .But nobody was interested in investing .Finally one day when he decided to hang up his boots and study law like Tom wanted to he received a letter ‘For my favourite nephew ,invest well,but if my money is gone,I promise your father will pay for it by brooming the whole office’,underneath it was a money order ,it was enough .For a moment though he was confused ,his father did not have any brother,sisters or cousins.Then it became clear who had sent the money order .

    So Jeff started doing it regularily .He would purchase stamps in Italy and sell them in USA .Basically he would use stamps to cover his payments .In 1938 after 2 years of work ,he sold the company having quadrupled his initial investements .It was bought by a broker in New York .He also paid of his unknown or known investor who took a liking for him .Uncle Richard had spotted the spark in this young lad .

    Postal reply coupon .
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