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Thread: Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate (RELEASED)!

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    Default Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate (RELEASED)!

    The mod has been released and then a week later updated on the same link:

    And there is a moddb-article:

    I've updated the upload just now and fixed the reported issues of the mod.

    1. I forgot to move over the Argorok Unit/Unit_Info Cards to the zanti-folders resulting in a blank card - has been done.

    2. Bonemold Monks for the Zanti-faction had the blue "Twili" color - has been fixed, and they now have a proper red texture.

    3. Twili Sorceresses weren't recruitable for the Zanti-faction after they conquered Elmenzhia, i've fixed this issue and now Prince Zant can recruit Twili Sorceresses despite taking that settlement.

    4. Swordsmen Recruits were only available in the first tier of barracks, which were intended - but i figured since the barracks are so speedily upgraded that it would be better to have the unit available in all the tiers - they are now recruitable post-tier one.

    5. Triforce Vanguards are Guardians of the Triforce, they do spawn for the Hyrule Prime settlement if the Hylians are holding it, and for the Majora Prime/Dead Maku Tree-settlement if Majora is holding it - i've removed them from the recruitment, because the script prevents them from showing up unless the settlements are under siege, and it also will limit the unit to one at any time. I had made a mistake and enabled them in the recruitment, and that has now been corrected so people aren't confused.

    6. I tried adding Link etc through the script by replacing a spawning general but i still got the issue with Link becoming the faction leader and causing adoptions to happen every turn. So i still cannot implement Link or other heroes as generals without causing this issue - the other heroes were already in the script so i could easily replace the models etc. Link and some others that aren't generals weren't in the script.

    I don't know what Neph did to remove this adoption-issue - because it happens to me even when replacing a general like "Arthon"."

    Enjoy, and remember that i continued upon Undying Nephalim's great work from 2014 and prior, and the mod also has the community patches from SirLion and Tedster1995 - as i based the submod on the most functional version of Hyrule Total War with the old models.

    The mod wasn't free from CTD, and probably isn't still - but i've managed to remove the transgressor-CTD, the exterminate/ransom-CTD and i think that CTD:s are less common then in 3.8.

    I've continued upon their work and added new stuff from the 4.6 version released in 2017, as well as new stuff from the 2014 Great Sea demo - even some unused assets from the old mod are now used properly!

    It's a huge amount of coding work, and Codeman over at the Hyrule Conquest Discord helped me with reskins of the factions for Majora - Undying Nephalim had done three and a half faction rosters in the past for Majora. I've created unit/unit_info cards, fixed bugs, improved scripts etc. Too much to write really - been working on the mod since november 2016, but to be honest i only put in work on it during a few days in 2017, a few weeks during the fall of 2018 and then the rest has been accomplished from this year and onward. Mostly from the end of march, but also some in dec, jan and early feb.

    BTW: I've been spending all my awaken time on the mod the months i've been focusing on it. So like 16 hours a day these months and weeks.

    The text below is old:

    I have decided that this will be a submod for HTW 3.8.

    It will add the following:

    1. All of the unused units of HTW 3.8 to the respective faction rosters - units such as the Gold Knuckles, Hyrulean Macemen or Hyrulean Archers etc.- Completed.

    2. It will add all the human Hylian, Lanayuru/Zora and Rito units available in the Great Sea: Total war beta - dividing them between factions. - Completed.

    3. Will add all the new custom settlements from the most recent HTW - will also duplicate these settlements to erase old vanilla settlements from the mod. - Completed.

    4. Will hopefully (in the future) add the whole Oocca roster to the Oocca faction. - Completed.

    5. Will try and implement the Majora faction - but last time i tried it back in 2013 the mod would CTD when holding the mouse over their cities. - Completed.

    6. Will probably add new weapons and stuff i like from the recent version to old units - such as assault rifles or pistols to the old Labrynnians. - Completed.

    Version 3.8 has the old rosters of all factions, and while some are better in the most recent version i don't think i will implement any new one besides the Ooccaa - in order to avoid different styles on rosters.

    This submod will therefore be old HTW 3.8 with new units from the files or Great Sea, new custom settlements, the new Ooccaa roster, the Majora faction hopefully (old Majora) and possibly some additional content.

    Also, all evil factions start as allies and all good ones start as allies. The mod is therefore divided into two sides!
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