►Mod Name: Igni Ferroque

►Mod Platform: M2TW-K
►Release Status: Released
►Mod foldered: Yes
►Mod creator\team leaders: Aleksi Mizaro
►Mod team members: KingXDestroyer, Phatboi Assassin, Stickmansme, Cheeky Fellow, Cahzinar
►Mod Description: Igni Ferroque is a multiplayer balance mod that sticks closely to the vanilla style while completely reworking key mechanics and adding new units and maps. The aim is to create a whole new balance which should allow much more satisfying gameplay by rewarding good strategy. The name is a Latin phrase referring to the scorched earth tactic, meaning "With fire and iron".
►Other info on mod:
►Forum link(s): http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forum...-Igni-Ferroque
►Download link(s): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m8b.../Igni_Ferroque
►Permissions: Accreditation