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Thread: Stretched picture. Widescreen issue.

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    Default Stretched picture. Widescreen issue.

    Despite the fact there is a "widescreen" to be ticked in the video options, it doesn't remedy that most of the picture in game is stretched. The circles become ovals etc. I play on 3440*1440 which is pretty wide.
    If anyone knows how to fix it, your help will be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Stretched picture. Widescreen issue.

    Use a more appropriate(smaller) resolution. M2TW game engine is more than 10 years old, there hasn't been an update for so long to address these newest/modern monitors/GPUs/CPUs, and that's why there are issues with playing the game and its mods.
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    Default Re: Stretched picture. Widescreen issue.

    The widescreen option only affects the 'main view': the campaign and battle maps. The UI is 1024x768 (4:3) and it is scaled and stretched to fit whatever screen size is chosen; the further away from 4:3 your proportions are the worse it will look. The only fix would be to redesign the UI so everything is squished horizontally, so when it is stretched it looks 'normal'.

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    Default Re: Stretched picture. Widescreen issue.

    Allow me to add to an 8 year old thread just in case another nostalgia seeker is looking for a solution to this.

    So I was finally able to fix this using a workaround.

    At first the problem was that the UI behaves completely independently from whatever you put into your preferences.cfg, like Withwnar said. Those lines only affect in-game resolutions, not UI. What the UI in fact does is it'll stretch to fit any aspect ratio that's wider than 4:3. Meaning, if you wanna get rid of UI stretch, your device resolution has to be in 4:3 aspect ratio.

    So I did that on my Mac (which, natively you can only do 1024x768 but it's no problem because I think it's the base resolution for 2006's M2TW). And UI stretching was gone. What's more is if you don't enable widescreen at this resolution, in-game graphics as well as movies run in the correct aspect ratio as well.

    So now the whole game is stretching-free, which happens to be one of my worst pet peeves ever. Yay.

    Computer's native resolution > 4:3
    Then disable widescreen prefs in case you'd enabled it

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