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Thread: TW Warhammer: Mantainance (Formerly: Radious Decisive Battles submod [Feedback + Teambuidling])

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    Icon3 TW Warhammer: Mantainance (Formerly: Radious Decisive Battles submod [Feedback + Teambuidling])

    Warhammer: Mantainance Project

    Are you tired of having to switch mods all the time because patches break everything and mod authors
    keep up at different speeds or even disappear completely? Do you want a reliable, easy to use mod
    that offers a gritty campaign with decisive battles, where the stakes are always high, every decision
    has strong consequences and battles feel less like a MOBA game and more like WARHAMMER?
    Or are you a modder who is afraid he can't mantain his mod on his own through all eternity?

    If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Especially if you are motivated and willing to help this vision come a reality. No matter if with helpful advice/feedback or as an active modder in a small team.

    Remember: There are still 2 major expansions and numerous DLCs waiting to be released for Total War: Warhammer. So time is not the biggest concern. The important thing is to
    build something that lasts and is reliable.

    is not supposed to be a giant conversion. More like a tweaked compilation with a team that can guarantee regular matainance so that everybody can play at all times (apart from the very first couple days after a new official release of course, which are always mayhem ).

    If you are interested in joining the team PM me and I will give you my personal mail or skype.

    About me: I made the Warhammer "Decisive Battles Submod" for Radious Total War and am a Master student and freelancer in game development.
    I'm searching for people who don't need another person to motivate them or tell them what to do, while beeing faithful to the team. The scope of the project will be as small as possible and as big as necessary. So beeing reliable is more important than working several hours every day.

    The idea is that we will carefully choose a number of mods to add to our mantainance list and combine them with a small mod that we make ourselves. Resultung in an overhaul with emphasis on thrilling, meaningful battles who's outcomes have a real effect on the campaign situation + all (in our eyes) "must have" mods

    Dicussing if there is enough interest in this idea, planning, assembling the team and choosing the mods for the mantainance list (+ asking authors for permission if they still exist) can take until mid January.
    This pretty long, relaxed start should help identify people with good stamina/perseverance and ensure that we all have a good idea of what we are doing and how.

    Interested? Does it sound like something you would like to play/have? Or would you like to help make it happen?
    Let me know!


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    Default Re: TW Warhammer: Mantainance (Formerly: Radious Decisive Battles submod [Feedback + Teambuidling])

    I'm surprised that no-one has responded to this, your idea sounds interesting. I can't really contribute anything beyond my loreful unit lists, but I wish you luck with your project.

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    Default Re: TW Warhammer: Mantainance (Formerly: Radious Decisive Battles submod [Feedback + Teambuidling])

    People not responding might have something to do, that most people actually use steam's workshop and don't really come to TWcenter for mods.
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    Default Re: TW Warhammer: Mantainance (Formerly: Radious Decisive Battles submod [Feedback + Teambuidling])

    Well they should come, I find the steam app unnecessarily complicated to somethings. I rather get the info here and then download from steam.
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