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Thread: [Music Mod] The Drums of War

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    Default [Music Mod] The Drums of War

    Hello everyone,

    I'm re-uploading two music mods I've made in the past. One is meant for when you play as a Latin/Hellenistic nation and the other when you play as a Barbarian faction. The campaign music is suited for the respective culture but they both have dynamic music changes when you fight other factions (i.e. you play as Rome and you fight Carthage, you'll hear African/Eastern battle music). These music mods took inspiration from Tyso3's music mods and I would recommend checking out his content too. The music is also copyrighted and so music tracks will NEVER be listed nor shared. But to give you an idea on what's in store, you'll recognize many songs from various movies and video games.

    Compatible with pretty much everything and saved games as well.

    In the future, I may work on an Eastern playlist but we'll see.

    As of right now, the mods will only be available for download from my mediafire account. The mods are too large to upload onto Steam in one part and my internet is too to upload onto TWC. Perhaps I'll try again in the future.

    Drums of War (Latin/Hellenistic) =

    Drums of War (Barbarian) =

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    Thank you for uploading this! There's a paucity of selection of music mods available, nothing on steam seems to work, and the Rome 1 music mod just doesn't float my boat (too epic). Looking forward to trying this out.


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    Default Re: [Music Mod] The Drums of War


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    Default Re: [Music Mod] The Drums of War

    Ohhh , did I just hear the Klendathu drop track from Starship Troopers? Loving this so far!

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    Default Re: [Music Mod] The Drums of War

    WONDERFULLLL!!! By now I was tired of vanilla music ... That's why I turned it off in game. Now it will be a totally different sound... MANY MANY MANY THANKS!!! Great mod

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    Great mod!!!

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