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Thread: Tsardoms Total War crash

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    Default Tsardoms Total War crash

    [IMG] I downloaded stardom total war and after the download was finish I try to open the game afterwards appear this error any help (thanks a lot)

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    Default Re: The SafeDisc Issue affecting older Total War games

    I think you need a patch for you medieval2 tzara, search for "patch for medieval 2 gold 1.3 or 1.5", not sure which one it was but it worked for me.
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    Default Re: The SafeDisc Issue affecting older Total War games

    wich windows version do you have?
    do you have the steam or disc verion of MTW2?
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    Default Re: M2TW Animations Released

    I guess you are using Steam? Then open the BAT file in the Tsardoms folder by right clicking and choosing 'edit'. Now replace kingdoms.exe with medieval2.exe. Save, try again.

    You are not using steam? Then you have installed into the wrong directory. the path to your BAT file should be ...Gold\mods\Tzardoms_0.675
    Simply move the mod folder into the correct folder and then adjust your desktop short cut. Alternatively delete the mod folder and re-install correctly.

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    Default Re: Stardom Total War crash

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