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    Icon14 [Released] - All Tabletop Lords

    What is "All Tabletop Lords"?

    Put simply, it is a Units mod, that adds NEW Generals (Aka Lords) to each of the factions rosters, all of which are based on Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop army/supplement books, and designed for Vanilla Total War: Warhammer.

    They are FULLY FUNCTIONAL in Campaign, and Custom Battle. For simplicity, all of the below information and more can be found on the All Tabletop Lords - Google Doc

    I will continue to migrate information from the Google Doc onto the forum page here as I go, so that all of the content is reflected in the post, but it will take a little time!


    Currently the mod (Version 2) has 11 new lords, 4 for the Empire, 1 for the Dwarfs, 2 for the Orcs, and 4 for Beastmen.

    1. Grand Master
    2. Bright Wizard Lord
    3. Celestial Wizard Lord
    4. Light Wizard Lord

    1. Daemon Slayer

    1. Orc Great Shaman
    2. Savage Orc Warboss

    1. Doombull
    2. Great Bray-Shaman (Beasts)
    3. Great Bray-Shaman (Death)
    4. Great Bray-Shaman (Wild)

    All lords have tailored skill-trees, unique abilities, specific mount options, type-specific starting traits, custom artwork, some full re-textures, and other goodies. For a more extensive list of new features and skills for each lord see the All Tabletop Lords - Google Doc


    1. Blood Dragon Lord
    2. Necrarch Lord
    3. Lahmian Lord

    1. Champion/Daemon Prince of Khorne
    2. Champion/Daemon Prince of Nurgle
    3. Champion/Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

    For an extensive list of all the current & future work for new Lords, see the All Tabletop Lords - Google Doc


    Regiments of Renown! - Adds more Regiments of Renown to the other factions!

    My Mod Collection - Check out the rest of my mods on the workshop!


    More to come, and I will continue to update this post as we go, but I figured it was a good time to get this officially published on Total War Center!

    Cheers and thanks,

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    Default Re: [Released] - All Tabletop Lords

    The mod has just been updated! Now includes our next 2 Vampire Lords!! Cheers and enjoy everyone!

    - Jdharrow

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    Hey everyone! Got a fun piece of news to announce.

    Thanks to one of our amazing testers: Pvt. Sekulic, we have TWO extra Grombrindal activation keys to give away!! We're going to do a raffle for them, one at All Tabletop Lords, and one over at Regiments of Renown!

    The rules are simple, and there's an image below explaining it as well. Entries accepted until Friday, 11/11/16 @ 9:00pm PST, using the phrase "Grombrindal Has No Fear!"

    Winners will be announced Saturday morning, and I'll reach out to the winners on both mod pages, to send the code!!

    Good luck, may the Ancestor Gods be with you! :steamhappy:

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    Default Re: [Released] - All Tabletop Lords

    Pretty awesome. Thanks for your work.
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    Great work, many thanks

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