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Thread: Creative Version of the Chateau

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    Default Creative Version of the Chateau

    Hello one and all,

    Today, I thought I would share a build with you that I tried to accomplish on our varied servers several times in the past. As it stood, it was a monumental project just with the help of the wondrous Worldedit, let alone trying to do it in SMP, with raids and such added to the mix. However, I did buckle down and finish the project in a creative world, and intend to showcase it to you all. So, for any that might have seen the remnants of one of my tries, here is what was intended:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    For a larger album of images, including the WIP shots throughout the development of it, you can look here: IMGUR ALBUM

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    Looks amazing! You should build something on our server.
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