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Thread: Tatw DAC on Linux

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    Default Tatw DAC on Linux

    Hello there

    I'm looking for all the Linux User of Third age total war and DAC. I moved to Linux(Ubuntu) a few month's ago and try to run TATW DAC. I have the steam version.

    I used the instruction here from Feral, to run the mods using to install wine:

    Everything seams to run well, but there is still 1 Problem, and i didnt found a solution here in this forum, in the steamforum or on reddit.

    If i siege settlement and attack them (or defend), TATW DAC crashes without a error or message at all.

    I found a guy who had the same Problem on the steamforum.
    Link below, i think a have the same Problem as he has. I think it informative.

    I cant look at he crash reports (i found them but cant read them it seams.
    They are in :
    /home/USERNAME/.local/share/feral-interactive/Medieval II Total War/crashes

    I experimented a bit, and sieged different settlement. (and im still doing it)
    Dale for Example cant be sieged and fought without a problem. And i think its a custum settlement done by leo's Mod.
    When i attack with gondor the first settlement to the left (i think its Minas Morgul) i have the same crash. And this is a custum settlement as well.....
    I think maybe gondorian settlements are the Problem( had my first crash there when i attack with enedwaith the settlement to th south on the coast)

    For the next part, be aware, i never did modding, so im a newbie to this.

    I thought maybe the path from were the settlementfiles are loaded/taken is wrong. Maybe the Linux version has a different path, and so the game cant find it. I want to take a look at it, but i dont know at all where they are written.

    So mutch for now. I really want to stick to it and try to get it running. I posted a report as well in the DaC Forum, but i was the only Linux User there. Cant blame theme, they do all on WIndows and that's fine. But maybe somebody can help me, and we could fix it for Linux User.

    Best regards and thanks for at least reading


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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    Some/most custom settlements do not work for Mac nor Linux users AFAIK, and there is currently no fix for this, since Feral does not take responsibility if some custom made mod does not work with their version of a game.

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    Hmm, so i really have to wait until Feral fixes it? Damit.

    Still i will keep it open, maybe somebody findes something, or has a idear=)

    Ty for the reply

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    I want to keep this alive

    How does other Mods Like EBII run on Linux. It's seams like it is a total overhaul as well.
    I found this guy and it seams that he figured out , how to run it on Linux.

    It seams like it should work.

    I Take a look at it, and will post the the results. If somebody has some experience with it, please feel free to post any advise or help, that might work.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    Hi just to give some info:
    EBII can run the Mod, but with deleting all the custome settlements. That works on DaC as well, but there is no fun, playing Dac without the Custome settlements.

    I look at different files but didnt found anything. I was still thinking that it was a pathing issue. Hope somebody with more Modding experience comes up with a solution.

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux


    just a heads up. After long abstinence I bought M2 in order to play Third Age again, after
    I saw that it supports linux.Sadly I have to confirm: Some settlements does not work TA+DAC.
    In my experience these weren’t custom settlements rather usual normal ones which cause my crashes.

    The custom weatherdrop settlement located of Dunedain works fine.
    Ost-en-dill (I think its a regular settlement) cause crashes.
    Another wooden castle west of the Dunlands causes also crashes.

    Kinda frustrating, buying the game specially for third age and other mods and the support
    is so weak.(I use linux mint)

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    Just to keep thisup to date( if anybody even reads this)

    Socrates1984 is actualy trying to solve the problem with some other people. Its quite interesting to follow. For me its sound that they mightbe on to something

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    Default Re: Tatw DAC on Linux

    A partial solution for the custom settlement crashing bug has been found, though it requires manual editing through the IWTE tool and was only tested for vanilla TATW and so would probably require editing additional custom settlement files for DaC.

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