Story of Warhammer is all about huge clash with the forces of Chaos, that should give you proper late game challenge. Sadly, Chaos invasion in the game is not what it should be, just few stacks, that are easily beaten by veteran armies of the player, while Norsca tribes provide a bit more challenge.

I though to myself, how could that be improved and how to make myself actually fear Chaos?

While there were some mods that made certain Chaos units stronger, they did not really deal with the problems I noticed.

Then I've come up with this plan. I did not add dozens of Chaos stacks, which would still be easy to defeat 1v1 and would only provide more nuisance then challenge, due to fighting same victorious battles each turn.

What I did was increase numbers of true Chaos units like Chaos Warriors, Chaos Chosen, Chaos Knights etc and increased strength of their legendary heroes, but not to impossible level. At the same time I decreased size and strength of Marauder units and left some shared units like Giants and Trolls as they were. Why? Weakened Norsca tribes will be still raiding, but they will not do what Chaos should, while just a sight of Archaon and his army should make you rethink your campaign.

With my changes, Norsca will act as an support force to true Chaos invasion. How strong is current Chaos army? 20 slot Chaos army should be similar in strength to 40 units in hand of a player, which will hopefully lead to some epic battles!

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER - This mod is meant to be only used by AI forces! Player using Chaos with this mod will heavy too easy time, pretty much cheating.

-Combat mods as long as my mod is loaded first (You can notice it, if Chaos units still have more men and heroes like Kholek have way more HP)
-Grapical mods
-Campaign mods

Incompatible with:
-Overhaul mods like Radious or Lorehammer due to totally different stat scale.

Coming soon: Fear the Green Tide!

Download and pictures: