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    Server Update

    Spawn Mechanics: Due to incompatibility between the event script, and our previous bed spawn plugin, we have removed the plugin and created our own scripts to handle the setting of one's spawn. Now players will be able to set their spawn at will inside claims owned by their faction, by doing the /setspawn command. Players not in a faction, or in factions without land claims, will be the only ones able to set their spawn in the wilderness on the PvP Map only. In the event a player dies without a set spawn, they will return to the Safezone Tutorial area spawn.

    New PvP Map Chosen: Staff has recently chosen the incoming PvP Map (credited to Sabbas Aperus), and we have generated the Dynmap and begun working on adding several RPG additions to the map. The new map is custom painted, and full of grandiose landscapes and hidden content to explore. If this wasn't enough, we have almost completed rolling out of the new Capture Point system, which I will cover in more detail shortly. Feel free to check out the new map's dynmap here, and don't forget to view it out in 3d!

    Capture Point System: Via scripts, we have created an automated Capture Point system where factions can fight for control over money giving structures in real-time (no wars required). Each Capture Point is manned by a host of custom skinned (credit to Aanker for skins) NPCs, that will defend the Point from all players other than the current owning faction. Once a NPC of any Capture Point is attacked, a server-wide notification is sent out informing all players of the attack on that CP. Upon fighting you way to the CP's Lord, you will be able to start the process of capturing the CP, and in the process send out another server-wide notification. After 5 minutes (could change due to balancing), if the player who initiated the capture is within 7 blocks of the CP Lord, the CP will be captured by his/her faction, and all NPC defenders will change ownership. If you would like to see these NPCs in action, feel free to contact me if I am on steam and we can see about a 'demonstration' at our test CP (Shiverkeep).

    You may see the Capture Point names/locations via the tower icons on the PvP Map dynmap, and some screenshots of the specific points here.
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