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Thread: Troll CTD - help required

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    Just wanted to add, if nothing else helps, there's a legit in-game way of limiting the appearance of trolls in the campaign - all non-human recruitment can be shut down permanently by constructing certain buildings, and trolls only come from the mountain forts in the Misty and Grey Mountains as well as Mordor (and trolls are only available to Adunabar and the rebel faction). If you manage to conquer or buy said forts, you can construct the reinforced walls to disable troll/orc recruitment, or give the fort to a third faction (I recommend Dwarves, they're the most reliable ones) to do so - for details on buying and giving away settlements, see the diplomacy guide.

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    The sprite fix I stumbled across does completely eliminate the CTDs for me; you just edit the right file to render sprites all the time, and set unit detail down to High, as Highest does all renders and no sprites.

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