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    I have Chivalry Total War version 1.051 and patch 1.07. I installed it on Barbarian Invasion. When I enter the game it is written Chivalry Total War in menu but menu background is same like in Rome Total War and Barbarian Invasion. WHY?

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    I guess that happens when not installed 100 % correctly, or something of that area.

    Note, that the mod was developed and released, as Steam wasn't a thing for TW games, just in case that's relevant for you (there are somewhere threads though, which explain how it works properly with Steam as base).

    That said as main developer (iirc. since 2006), ChivTW is for many years not anymore installed on my active computers.
    The mod is available "as is". At least in the olden days, it worked properly as one of the very less TW mods without serious bugs.

    Older ChivTW players, who attended the various releases and possibly still have it active, might say something more reliable regarding that what you mentioned and other items as well.

    Edit: According thread "how to launch with Steam" just stickied.
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